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Page updated 7/2/2024

As it's not strictly wargaming related, I made this separate page for my ship building projects.

I've been interested in ships since I've been three years or so and watched The Onedin Line on TV. 

Since then I have collected a bunch of books on various sailing related subjects, and my collection is growing; also at 32 I have actually seen the sea and bathed in it.

Naval Wargaming
My major - now mostly defunct - naval wargaming projects include:
LEGO warships and battles
In the Navy, simple blocky warships
Jenga brick ships of the line
1/2000 WW1 and interwar era scratchbuilt ships

Current projects:
1/1200 Anglo-Dutch - just begun a small project with about six ships per side.
18th century naval - roughly 1/500 scale and 3D printed vessels, in the process of upgrading rigging and bases, got a few more hulls to finish
Trashy Fleets - pre-dreadnoughts in 1/1000 scale
You can find all blog posts labelled 'naval' here; and all posts labelled 'scratchbuild' here. (Warning! May contain terrain and other things)

Ship Models
1/600 Viribus Unitis (scratchbuild)
1/700 Arizona 1936

I have a few projects on the stocks right now:
1/700 Snowman Model 1916 Derfflinger, a pretty cool kit
Heller 1/150 Le Superbe
Heller 1/100 Soleil Royal

I've got the following models still in their boxes:
Revell 1/50 Viking Ship
Trumpeter 1/700 USS Alaska CB-1 (awaiting hull upgrade and PE)
Aoshima 1/700 IJN Nagato 1927 waterline version (got brass barrels for it, the rest will be from my spare PE rails collection)

I really wish to build models of these ships (just to mention a few):
MNF Bretagne
USS Wyoming
SMS Helgoland
IJN Tosa (only scratchbuild is possible, although parts from a Nagato kit could be bastardized)
IJN Mikasa
HM R-class battleship
USS Lexington (being the sole carrier in the list)

As you can see I'm sort of an oddball and not the "build sixty versions of the same Bismarck" kind of person.

Further Reading
Here are some links to blog posts I assume to be more interesting than a few others:
1/700 scale Arizona (1936 version), my first serious foray into PE
1/600 scale waterline model of the battleship Viribus Unitis
My 1/1000 scale scratchbuilt waterline model of the French battleship Bretagne - it was wrong in a few aspects, but I intend to remedy that with the next iteration.

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