May 1, 2023

USS Arizona '36 Edition - Completed

Long time no see, dear blog readers, but that does not mean I'm completely lost or forgot about the hobby. In actual fact, I have been rather busy these past few weeks, I just focused more on producing stuff and less about taking photos and writing about them.

Among other things, I managed to wrap up the Arizona kit, with a lot of swearing re photoetch related misadventures. Lesson learned: I bought a professional PE bender. It's a hefty piece and produced locally. 

The kit could still be improved, for example I tried to replicate the bilge keels but failed, however, it was a learning experience from the beginning, and I think it turned out fine, especially compared to the original material.

Here follows a showcase of the few worthwhile pictures I could manage:

The base is a solid wooden block with some brighter wooden stripes.

The flyers are a pair of Curtiss SOC-2 Seagull spotter planes, bought separately.

The rangefinders supplied with the kit were removed from the sides of the upper platform and searchlights were installed. All the wires are stretched sprue.

In the future I might add the ensigns, but the decals were tricky so none yet.

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