Sep 8, 2023

Naval Scale Consolidation

So the sailing warships I made until recently are quite large, about 1/500 scale or so. However, my table surface is a lot smaller and the models occupy a lot of space in the hobby drawer, so I thought I should switch to a smaller scale for economic (?) reasons. Of course I've got the paper models from earlier, and they are quite fine for some action, but I just like the look of three-dimensional craft sailing on the imaginary seas.

I pondered what scale should I switch to. 1/1200 seemed too small, as I wanted nice and detailed vessels, so I settled with 1/700, the undeniable advantage of that scale being that it is supported by Warlord Games, and they can send stuff over the Channel VAT-free.

Although I prefer earlier period (17th to early 18th century) models, their standard Age of Sail ships, mostly the merchantmen (also some galleons and galleys), plus some 3D prints should suffice for the while. I have found the Turner Miniatures ADW designs, and fortunately my local on-demand 3D printing service allows me to re-scale the 1/600 models to 1/700.

For the while I do not wish to dispose of the larger ships, but it might soon come to that, once there is enough smaller models to replace them. 

Aug 1, 2023

Perry HYW Showcase

Although I do not doubt their historical authenticity, I mostly used these Perry figs to make "Generic Fantasy Henchmen" for small skirmishes, working on them in groups of six or so. They usually have a common theme, the first wearing red livery.

Jul 26, 2023

...And now, for something completely different

Some time ago I purchased a group of twenty WH40k Orks, used, from a local shop. They are 2002-ish, based on the imprints at the bottom of their bases. Some young person painted them enthusiastically, but rather badly. I stripped them, reassembled where necessary, and gave them a lick of paint. 

I did not want to go overboard, especially on the various clothes, so I chose a rather simple paint scheme, with red as the defining colour. The remaining ones will have blue and yellow accessories, so they can fight against each other and tell the difference.

I do not have any non-Ork opponents for them just yet, but this, of course, might change, in relation to the other projects I have planned.

Jul 18, 2023


As I've had no luck with 28mm ECW/TYW artillery during the Warlord sprue sale, I fancied a large-ish cannon from an old souvenir shop trinket. You know, the type of key chain that uses a small amount of combustible to make smoke and noise. 

I added some GS details for the barrel, filling up things where required. 
The carriage uses the original wheel, with the axle strengthened a bit, and pieces made from 2mm balsa wood. I went with a polished brass barrel and worn wooden colour combination.


Jun 10, 2023

Warlord Sprue Sale Loot

Not necessarily in the order I've painted these, just wanted to humble brag about them. I scored two sprues of infantry, two cavalry, one firelocks and one foot command during the Warlord Games sprue sale a while ago, and I actually managed to paint up most of the figures by now.

First I hesitated between these and the Marlburian range, but then I thought if I do 18th century I'll do pitched battles with large battalions, so 1/72 is still the way to go, and for skirmishes the ECW/TYW range is more suitable.

Jun 6, 2023

Orcs and Goblins

Another batch of Reaper figs, two large resin Orcs and four metal gobbos, escorted by a pair of um, *converted* GW space Orks who left their firearms behind and turned to plain old looting.

The resin weapons were FUBAR when they arrived, so the sword Orc got a plastic weapon from the same batch as their two brethren, and for the other I fancied a spear from a paperclip and some greenstuff. The sculpts are nice and they painted up really well. One is based on a piece of MDF and the other on foamboard.

The goblins are mostly there to be kicked around by other factions, but the sculpts are cool.

(I might snap a separate pic of the plastic Orks later, but the one I made for this post turned out to be very blurry.)

May 31, 2023

Some Hasslefree Characters

I think Hasslefree sculpts are among the best available, so I regularly buy a few during their sales. Here's a small collection of them which were, I think, not showcased yet on the blog. The majority are female characters, something most 28mm boxed sets lack.


May 26, 2023

Schultze-Böhnstadt Navy Frigates

The Schultze-Böhnstadt Navy was originally to be comprised of three vessels of the same class, but as it usually happens with government purchases (believe me, I have the experience), not everything turned out the way the mighty Princeps Erhard Berthold von Jazygen wanted.

Thus happened that of the planned class of three similar ships, one became a razée of 40 guns, modernized to the standards of the day and packing quite a punch; one more of a ship-rigged sloop with a heavy battery, but still having an open deck; and the last one a quite old vessel purchased from the Glambrian East Continent of Rot Company, or shortly CCOGG.

May 23, 2023

Sir Guillaume the Brave

Next up from the batch of 28mm painted figures is a dismounted knight and two servants. His device is the princely beaver, his colours are red and green.

I've really come to like the Perry HYW figures, as they easily pass as generic fantasy bods to fight orcs and other things. Lots of versatility too, especially if you combine the different boxes.