Dec 1, 2016

6mm Freikorps

With a running 'virtual' campaign, my focus turned on the various irregular elements of 18th century armies. To keep up with the topic, I quickly made up two 10-figure horse Freikorps units from the spares I had. This also served as practice as I had not painted 6mm troopers for a good while now!
I used British dragoons for the first (Freikorps Bauschmertzen) and French hussards for the second (Freikorps Puttenfrott) group.

Nov 28, 2016

GNW Swedes, part the ten thousandth

I've completed two more units of foot and rebased the Västerbotten unit for my 1/72 Swedes. I also converted/sculpted a unit of horse.

Nov 25, 2016

GNW cannoneers

Some of the last pieces of the Strelets big GNW box are finished: an officer in half plate, six gunners and a dude using a blunderbuss for launching a grenade.
Also, some earthworks made from PVA, sand and sprue rubble.

Nov 22, 2016

The MDF army marches to battle.

I have finally completed the Commission Figurines MDF lot with these three units of foot and horse. I've also painted up a bunch of scratchbuilt cannon with Heroics and Ros gunners.

Nov 19, 2016

Fighting Sail, Sponsored by Tesco

I've bought a ton of wooden bricks made by Tesco. They originally were a cheap Jenga copy. I can use them as terrain pieces, or other things, such as building ships of the line.

I know the background looks weird, I thought this mat would reflect the light much better. Anyway, we've fought a 150pt battle with the Fighting Sail rules. 
One side used a Dutch and another a French list from the era of the Formaggian Succession Wars. One side started in a battle line, but things escalated quickly. In the end, two red ships were sunk at the cost of one yellow-striped SOL striking its colors.

Nov 16, 2016

WW1/RCW/Dieselpunk Russians

A topic quite different from Napoleonics. I've had this set for at least a year now, primed and sitting in a box. Now the first few figures are complete, and with them, a scratchbuilt Rolls-Royce armored car. Yes, it's made from plasticard and paper. The wheels are from a toy jeep.

Nov 13, 2016

Hungarian hussars

These are Austrian/Hungarian hussars converted from Italeri French ones. Only some trimming on the shakos and adding GS saddle cloth was required.

Nov 10, 2016

Flashing Steel in 6mm

Quite old photos back from summer. This is a 'fit in a box' version of the Ganesha Games skirmish rules Flashing Steel, using my 6mm collection. The photos were taken with my phone.

This was a fight between Austrian border troops and Ottomans. I've lost both games, switching sides, but it was great fun. 
The purpose of pulling this old topic out of the magic hat is that I'm thinking about a border conflict/ kleine krieg in my imaginary lands...

Nov 7, 2016

More Russian hordes

Another large group of 1/72 Napoleonics are finished, mostly horsemen.