Nov 21, 2014

Finished Maria Theresa + HäT sailors

The finished product, without crew. I'm going to sand the smokestack's hole on the upper deck as it's a narrow fit with all the layers of paint.

Nov 20, 2014

SMS Maria Theresa WIP#3

The painting is a very standard blue-buff combination over a white undercoat, plus the odd details here and there.

Nov 19, 2014

SMS Maria Theresa WIP #2

So this is how the gunboat looks like after one more day's work. I could not be bothered to use card for the upper plating so I did it with plasticard and decor rubber. Quite an improvement on the overall look I believe.

Nov 17, 2014

WIP - River gunboat Maria Theresa

Work has begun on the river steamer for Nova Hungaria. I found a large piece of thick cardboard for the main hull and various scratch pieces for the structures on deck. It is at a very early stage: I covered the edge of the cardboard with glue-soaked paper strips so the following plates would adhere better; added the smokestack and the traversable gun turret (that can hold a repeater gun or a naval cannon).

Nov 15, 2014

South American reinforcements

Continuing with the repaint of the silly South-American nations, these are the 1st Tropezonian Rgt of Foot, the Royal Guard of Ortosilia, the Dragons Amarillos of Tropezonia and two Gribeuval guns plus some packhorses plus some generals for both sides.

Nov 13, 2014

SBH games

Now I've had terrain and figures in luxurious amounts - it was time for some gaming. I settled with SBH as you could have guessed from the previous post - the core rules are very simple and easy to use. 
So we have had 3 warbands and decided that every team will fight both others.

Nov 11, 2014

Medieval warbands for SBH

I was in a medieval mood so I stripped most of my old collection and started repainting them. These are the first lot for Song of Blades and Heroes.

Nov 8, 2014

Rules for Medieval Gaming

As I have (or have not) said earlier November is mostly going to be Medieval month (with some 6mm Ancients added - a little take away from the TYW) so I started considering what rules to use once I've got a painted up army.

What I have:

Strategic rules: I have Field of Glory and De Bellis... stuff, also some freebies from here and there, but I don't have enough models and don't want to base them in groups. I'm particularly against rule sets telling me how to base figures... kind of selfish on their part, right? So it's single bases either on trays or just as they are, grouped together. 

Skirmish rules:

Song of Blades and Heroes: minus the magic element, for small scale skirmishes.
Pro: Unique game flow, variable model sizes.
Con: I liked SDS (something similar for Napoleonics) but got bored of it very quickly - it provides little challenge as a single game, but were there a campaign/narrative it'd be all the better.
Conclusion: Could be good for the period while I am still in the process of painting armies up.

TooFatLardies rules: Dux Brit or SP could easily be reinterpreted to be used in medieval times.
Pro: Good fun, familiar, works well.
Con: Rules surgery needed, larger units in play and I'll have to paint them faster!
Conclusion: By the time larger contingents are finished, the rules could be ready to use.

Mordheim: I found the rulebooks and thought them fine, quite a different approach than the ones quoted previously.
Pro: Something new on the table? Could also get the Pro Gloria Landsknechts for it when they're out.
Con: Few models, lots of surgery (making up own units and warbands); I Go - You Go (only when compared to the previous rules).
Conclusion: something I would try with/instead of SBH just to see how things work, but only as an experiment.

Inter Arma homebrew:
Pro: chiseled and playtested, I have my trust in it (not surprisingly).
Con: Bloody and gets boring; not ideal for a campaign (say, with the recent additions, it can get good); I Go - You Go.
Conclusion: if all else fails, stick to the homebrew - it's far from perfect but it works really well, just like an old Soviet car.

What I'd like to have:

Lion Rampant - not that pricey and would like to take a look at it.

Nov 6, 2014

Pancerni conversions

Originally the Zvezda Russian Noble Cavalry, these were given shields and misiurka helmets to make Polish pancerni cossacks.