Aug 15, 2019

SMS Viribus Unitis WIP #5

Quite a big progress report today - you can see something resembling an actual dreadnought at the end of the post. I'm also being hit with some spam comments. 

I've made myself a list with sticky notes what to do exactly, and came up with the following:
  • detail the turrets and paint them
  • shape & detail the funnels - find a way to create the funnel housing (the solution was that the funnels had to be countersunk 2mm into the housing)
  • add deck detail
  • superstructure & boat bay assembly
  • mast assembly - where the problem arose if the foremast should be integrated to the bridge section or added later - I finally chose to drill through the upper unarmored bridge and the bottom part for increased strength, and placed the bottom part of the mast there.

Anyway, the turret details are assembled on the picture above - the turrets were put on the turret rings, then I drilled holes for the gun barrels and glued them to place. I was in a tough spot trying to find a suitable piece for the barrels, but I finally found some 28mm Perry WoTR lances that just had the right kind of tapering shape.

Aug 9, 2019

SMS Viribus Unitis WIP #4

After the wood filler is completely dry, comes another session of sanding everything. The thin parts of the deck over the casemate have expanded a little, but I don't think it will be visible after everything is complete.

Aug 7, 2019

SMS Viribus Unitis WIP #3

I've finished sanding the hull with fine grit sandpaper (320 to 600 to 1000). Now it has the right size and shape. The prow should always be done with a cylindrical sanding block for the concave shape down to the waterline. I might just make it a bit more sharper.

Aug 5, 2019

SMS Viribus Unitis WIP #2

Working on the two main pieces of the hull, I finally chose to omit the top 1mm deck because then the hull would be too tall.

Aug 4, 2019

SMS Viribus Unitis WIP #1

I've started this build today. This is the biggest ship project I've done since the Mikasa, and she was a lot smaller than this dreadnought, so I thought it would be interesting to keep a diary.

I printed out six copies of the blueprints to the exact measurements of the model. Then I measured some stuff and took notes on the first blueprint. This will be used for reference later. I keep some blueprints blank for measurement and clear visibility, but some will be cut out for templates.

Jul 30, 2019

Things that improve model ship building

Hi fellows, just a short post to summarize the things I learned while building the Tsesarevich and some other ships before (see "The Shipyard" page above for more). I can say I've come a long way since building my first cheapo pre-dreadnought, but I sincerely hope that my budget modeling exploits will help some.

My next project would involve WW1-era large scale dreadnoughts similar to my earlier 1/600 scale models. I can already announce that the August hobby project is SMS Viribus Unitis, and USS Wyoming may be coming for September. 

Blueprints and reference images
Fortunately we have the internet and if we search for a ship or her sisters, a million images pop up, including large blueprints. Here's a trick I learned building Tsesarevich: print the image scaled to the desired size multiple times, and then you can use it to cut out templates for the platforms, turrets etc.
The best source I found for the Thegethoff-class dreadnoughts is, it has a lot of detailed digital images and blueprints as well.

Building tools
I will need some tweezers, a pin vice, a bunch of clamps and a small set of drawers to keep building materials separated. I'll need a lot of sandpaper, I can make sanding bars out of wooden blocks or round objects like mugs and plastic tubes for hollow grinding.

One may wish to purchase some copper tubes and whatnot, but the basic things are more important. 
  • Office stuff: different size paper clips and staples for barrels, cranes etc. These are stainless steel and have quite long straight pieces, but may also be bent or hammered to shape.
  • Broom and brush bristles: these are made of sturdy plastic and can be bought in various sizes. They can be used to build masts, smaller guns and so on.
  • Kebab sticks and toothpicks: Make sure you get the ones made of compressed bamboo. They split along nice even lines and may be used for various things.
  • Balsa wood: the universal building material. Takes sanding well but thinner ones may split along the grain.
  • Washers: for turret rings and such. Small coins may be used instead if you find the right diameter.

I'll place a 1mm plasticard sheet at the bottom of the ships so they slide better and the plasticard would protect the balsa wood as well. 
On the subject of balsa wood, it can become quite grainy, especially after the first few wet layers of paint. Earlier I tried coating it in many layers of PVA, which worked quite well, but I'll use a wood filler and fine grit sandpaper instead as PVA takes too long to completely dry.
I'm thinking about adding some sort of railing to the deck, but more importantly, adding crew - computer games I've played with make ships seem like some sort of automatons without any crew on deck or on the brigde, and that's something I would not like to reproduce, even on wargaming models.
Acrylic paint sticks to wood really well, so a protective coat is optional, I may use some cheap matte varnish from the local hobby shop.

Jul 14, 2019

Tsesarevich in a Bottle WIP #6

The stand is complete, now all I need to do is get a name plate for a complete photo report. 

Jul 12, 2019

Tsesarevich in a Bottle WIP #5

So the thing's in the bottle and I bought a suitable piece of plywood stuff to make a stand. I think I'll use a vibrant blue undercoat and a walnut woodstain to have a dark contrast with the bright upper hull. Assembling the masts inside was a bit tricky, but it was a good lesson.

I saw a 50cm long bottle in a local department store and got some ideas, well we shall see...

Jul 9, 2019

Lots of figures for sale

I've decided to reduce my collection a little bit for the sake of good old liquidity. This is mostly stuff that I've never used and I never intend to. This may not be the best place to do this, but in the first turn I won't put them on ebay or such.
Most of this is painted (won't say anything about the quality) and is way below retail price, simply because I want to get rid of them, so here's your chance.

For international buyers, I'll get a quote from the post office and contact you with the price. If you buy in bulk, I will reduce the shipping cost.  I'll pack each item as well as I can.
I'll list each item in GBP and HUF, for any other currency we can work out a favourable conversion rate or I can send you an invoice in one of the two listed currencies.
Both domestic and international buyers can purchase using PayPal for safety.

I can make additional photos and answer any of your questions in the comments, or you can send an e-mail to randomncreativeblog at gmail dot com with your inquiry.

I will update each lot if parts are purchased.

(Magyar vásárlóknak: autóval el tudom vinni a figurákat bárhova, főleg Budapesten és az agglomerációban. Ha közel vagy, vagy bejössz valamelyik csomóponthoz, a csomagolásért nem számítok fel költséget. 50-60 km-nél távolabbra viszont az üzemanyagköltség egy részét emberi keretek között felszámítom, olcsón adom a cuccokat, nem akarok veszteni rajta. 
Július 26-28-án Győrben, az augusztus 20-i hosszú hétvégén pedig Eger és Miskolc környékén leszek, ha ott szeretnéd átvenni, félre tudom tenni addig a figurákat.
Fizetés készpénzzel, bankkártyás előre utalással, PayPallel stb. lehetséges, kajajegyet nem fogadok el, cserélni most nem szeretnék, köll a pénz.)