Oct 13, 2015

GNW Saxon beginnings

While the Saxon army did not reap much success in the Great Northern War, their red uniforms are in my opinion very nice. And I can take some Poles with them, too. Instead of 6mm, though, I have started this project using 1/72 figures I've had around, and ordered two boxes of Russian infantry from nowhere else than Russia. These Zvezda sets are going out of the market so the price was very tempting. 
I will base the figures similarly to my Napoleonic project, 16 infantry with 4 figures on a 4x4cm base, and 8 cavalry on 2x4cm single bases, with the probable exception of one or two regiments based individually on 2x2cm squares to be used for skirmishes. I will retain the one inch width of the cavalry for Lasalle to have units of uniform size.

Oct 10, 2015

Napoleonics on a budget

Figuring that I would still need half the Spanish royal treasury to complete a single Lasalle division and a support brigade, I have made 'figure' templates in Paint to be printed out (on either thick paper or glued on card afterwards). This allows me to play games without armies and get the hang of things at a very low cost. Even if I use a printing service, a brigade fits nicely on an A4 page with a narrow margin setting. 

A regular infantry stand has six 'figures', an irregular/skirmisher or cavalry stand three. There are horse artillery, line artillery and howitzer stands, too. The templates are quite simple, but in the correct two dimensions, unlike the paper figures you can get at Junior General or other places. I have completed two 'armies' so far and I'm making them accessible as .zip files. 

Contains only the outlines for: basic infantry, skirmishers, cavalry, commanders, cavalry artillery, howitzers, cannon (no separate horse artillery; I added a cavalry figure on the stand for that - one is included in the French pack), limbers and hussars. 

Austrian templates, including commanders, casualty markers plus
artillery: cavalry artillery, field cannon, howitzer and limbers
infantry: line with helmet & shako, Grenz in regular & irregular formation, Jäger, Landwehr in hats
cavalry: cuirassiers, dragoons, chevauxlegers, hussars, uhlans

French templates, command, casualty +
artillery: horse, line, howitzer, limber
infantry: ligne and legere, grenadiers, voltigeur skirmishers, Guard in bearskins
cavalry: cuirassiers, dragoons, line chasseurs, line lancers, mtd. Guard grenadiers and lancers.

The artillery & limber bases measure 30x35mm, skirmish stands 30x17mm, regular infantry and cavalry 30x25mm, and command stands fit in a 30x25mm rectangle on an elliptoid base.

All pictures are in .png format. If the links don't work, please say so in the comments.

Oct 6, 2015

Bureaucracy, Take Two

Same thing happened as in the previous term, I have to appeal the decision made on my scholarship allowance. This will most likely not hold hobby projects up. 

Oct 5, 2015

Gardening duty

With barely anything to paint (or, rather, complete), I have decided to build a rock garden and add some greenery. It's alo quite fine for very small games. These Asian fellows apparently had a quarrel over something.

Oct 2, 2015

Painting diary XXXIII.

Or 33, a nice round number even in Roman, the last post with such a title is from 26 December 2014. 
The sole reason these various 28mm figures are not completed is the one mentioned earlier, the fact that I have used the remainders of my PVA and static grass supply to complete the 6mm Swedes.
There are twelve Gripping Beast plastic Vikings, three Pro Gloria (Warlord) metal Landsknechts and a Hasslefree resin lady (shown here). I have added some highlights on the latter and will hopefully photograph her with the rest of the crew. The varnish has been misbehavin' again, but nothing too serious, only a touch more glossy than anticipated.

In October, I will first and foremost resupply the grass and PVA, then start a GNW Saxon army in 1/72. If I don't want to paint 6mm figures, that's fine, I'll also have to buy a large plasticard sheet again.

I have also updated the Rules page with the incredible four-page 6mm Skirmish title, go have a look.

Sep 29, 2015

Complete Swedes

With these seven units, my 6mm Great Northern War Swedish army for Maurice is ready to fight on its own. If the esteemed reader takes a look at the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog, it will become clear that some blue-and-yellow contingents had indeed fought in various battles, but never without support from the other armies.
There are four cavalry wedges in the lot with ten figures each, and three infantry units, this time in karpus. I have cheated a little bit and added the Närke-Värmlands regiment with karpus on their heads and not tricornes. The red of this unit and the white of the Västerbotten regiment will add some variety to the rest - they are rather too uniform for a tricorne army. 

Sep 26, 2015

6mm Skirmish

With limited time and space, I devised a little game suited for 6mm figures on a very small area. The area might have been just a bit too small, but the effect is the same. 
The game uses something very similar to Ganesha Games' combat resolution (1d6+modifiers both for attacker and defender), but fixed movement rates and no dice activation. I will upload the rules to the Rules page after a complete revision (which, if it happens, will happen tomorrow). As I go to work (and every other Monday to school) starting 8 in the morning, by 9pm I usually get tired.
I had finished the GNW Swedes by the way so expect a complete muster in a few days.

Sep 23, 2015

GB Plastic Saxons

Or Seven Thegns on the Dead Man's Chest, or Six Sexy Saxons and a Seventh Sexy Saxon, or whatever you like.
These fellows have been ignored for a long, long time. They are part of an ebay auction score of which I have painted a few figures already. Now, with painting mojo gone for a while, I thought these rather simple designs and a reasonable pace could help me out a lot, and I would be done with them soon enough.

I enjoyed painting them more than I had excpected. The shields are hand-painted too. They had a black undercoat and gunmetal drybrushed on the weapons and chainmail. I've completed the rest with some simple colors, a black shade on everything, highlights and a second shade on the faces.
Next up is a bunch of Vikings from the same range, then hopefully I'll be able to finish basing the GNW Swedes. 

Sep 20, 2015

Project Tsushima continues

I have painted the first squadron, four battleships and two cruisers, for the Japanese fleet at Tsushima. The transparent bases from Magister Militum have also arrived, so all these units lack now is a name plate at the back of the base.