Jun 25, 2016

Maurice - the Battle of Kaugdumur

The Mighty Pasha Hakim entered the defenseless Glambrian colony of Kaugdumur, and captured Governor de Bleu along with the city. A hastily raised Glambrian force landed on the African shore a few weeks later, ready to reclaim both the town and the governor.

Ottoman OOB
NA Feudal
NA Clerics
4x Elite regular infantry
6x Artillery
4x Irregular infantry
7x Irregular cavalry

Glambrian OOB
NA Lethal Volleys
9x Trained regular infantry
4x Trained regular cavalry
1x mercenary Trained regular cavalry
4x Artillery

(I actually miscalculated the point values and a 110pt Ottoman army was facing a 106pt total value of attacking Glambrians.)

Jun 23, 2016

Purchase history, June

This month has the lowest amount of hobby spendings of the year so far, probably because I had to waste my income on other, more important things.
  • I just paid for a small order of Commission Figurines 6mm MDF figs, I intend to use them with Maurice as the seventh imaginary faction.
  • Restocking on glue, cheap acrylic paints, and some Vallejo colors
  • Pine sticks for scratchbuilding ships (it's likely I will buy more because no store has the plasticard I would need, and I also need some sandpaper for the same purpose).

Jun 21, 2016

6mm SYW French / Glambrian army

This is the sixth complete 6mm force in my collection. I think I have well over two thousand Baccus and H&R figures now, and could therefore organize a six-player Maurice campaign using only those.
With 192 infantry, 72 cavalry, three officer markers and four guns, this army is on the small side along with the British. 
Some figures were shown earlier: the fresh parts of the army are the hussars, the infantry in blue turnbacks and the cannon.

Jun 18, 2016

Claymore-class French destroyers

I wanted to have some destroyers in my growing fleet - so far, there are only cruisers and battleships built, with only one (fictional) destroyer and some trawlers. At first I chose the Austro-Hungarian Tátra class, however I could find no blueprints, plus they were built in 1912, a bit too late for my taste. The choice then fell on these, a group of very tiny ships in comparison to battleline units.
I'm not even sure they are destroyers, or torpedo boats, or which, because some photos are captioned "contre-torpilleur", which would be torpedo boat destroyer I think, while others have simply "torpilleur" written over them, applied to the same class. As I have no other destroyers, if they were to participate in a battle, they would have the torpedo boat role.

There was no blueprint for them either, but a few photos from the right angle solved my scaling problems. I used a darker brown on the deck as it was built above the hull plating, and photos show it to be much darker than the color of the hull itself.

I hope I can finish a Habsburg-class battleship in the foreseeable future, until then, the shipyard remains empty. However, I already have a rather large plan with small scale ships, and I also thought about making video tutorials... as soon as I have some free time.

Jun 15, 2016

El Matador, Tropezonian armed freighter

Nothing too spectacular - a plastic drinking straw funnel, cardboard and 180g cardstock hull with some attachments. Four gunports were cut and four 50mm quick-firing guns were placed on deck - this way she can protect other ships from Ortosilian raiders.

Jun 12, 2016

The Russian sisters

The Russian armored frigates cruisers Vladimir Monomah (left) and Dmitri Donskoy (right) are completed. They were designed in the 1880s and took part in the catastrophe that was the battle of Tsushima. One interesting aspect of building Russian ships is searching for them in Cyrillic, which brings up a lot of period photos, and fortunately for me, blueprints as well. 

Jun 9, 2016

Sea Battle

The playtest of my naval wargames rules and the trial by fire of the 1/600 models happened at the same time. A rather unlikely group of IJN Mikasa and USS St Louis engaged the SMS Brandenburg and SMS Novara. 

Jun 6, 2016

SMS Brandenburg

I was searching other nations' fleets besides the ones I already built ships from, and happened upon this class, rather modern looking in pre-dreadnought terms, with a nice tumblehome build and three turrets (which is more than two, but the French are overdoing it). And it's one of the happier stories as the class served in the Turkish navy in the Great War instead of being just scrapped when the Kriegsmarine was done with them.

Jun 3, 2016


After breaking up the 3-day interval between posts again, this time because I've ran out of painted stuff, here are five Plastic Soldier Company 15mm StuG models: one early and one late variant, plus one StuH and the two remaining ordinary, sad little StuGs because they did not receive anything special except schurzen.
I primed the models white, then used VMC German Orange Ochre as a basecoat, over which I added a primitive ambush camo, blended in with a black wash and a gentle drybrush with VMC Buff, which highlights the edges of the hull and works as an all-round weathering material for lazy people like myself.
I've also glued dried tea filter stuff on some vehicles, and paper pieces for tarps on others, so they're quite diverse (as a German force should be in terms of vehicle variants).