Oct 20, 2016


Evidently I'm down the Napoleonic black hole, with more purchases on the way and hundreds of figures already painted. This is the latest lot, a 24-man Austrian/Hungarian infantry unit, fusiliers and grenadiers mixed.

Oct 17, 2016


These are a pair of French and Austrian limbers, with Zvezda figures and nags - the Austrian carriages are scratchbuilt, with sculpey wheels.

Oct 14, 2016

Updating Tabletop Terrain

As my 1/72 collection grows, so should the number of matching terrain pieces. These are my latest inventions: swamps made from coasters, a blue foam hill and a coir door mat cut up to represent wheat fields and such.

Oct 11, 2016

French cavalry

Six more cuirassiers and a rag-tag band of Chasseurs a Cheval are today's topic. The CAC are Zvezda artillery train drivers, with carbines and swords added, on Italeri/Waterloo1815 horses, plus an aide from the Zvezda French staff set. The cuirassiers are all from the Zvezda box.

Oct 8, 2016

The attack on Kozelgrad

My little brother has bought a few Forged in Battle tanks, and my PSC StuGs and IS tanks had not received their baptism of fire either, so I've quickly set up a table and a blind movement system for a game.

Oct 5, 2016

Commerce raidin'

Admiral Cristobal Hernandez a Tortuga had led a Tropezonian cruiser squadron to raid Ortosilian commerce routes. A suitable target was soon spotted on the narrows between the Isola del Muerte and the Ortosilian main coast: a large convoy of freighters with the annual cargo of bananas, to be delivered to the northern markets. 
Admiral Hernandez has ignored the warnings of the Tropezonian spy service, of a nearby large-scale naval exercise of the Imperial Ortosilian Navy. Now he had to act quickly, before the heavier ships of the enemy could sink his old cruisers.
This is how the Second Banana War (1918-9) broke out.

Oct 2, 2016

Free Napoleonic wargame rules & Army lists

OK, I've included "Free" only to get your attention.

After some more proofreading and incorporating the results of two test games, I have finally completed the core rules for my Napoleonic adventures. They are called 'Victorious Eagle Warfare', and are the results of a few months' refinement and playtesting. 
The rules are very flexible in the regard of basing: the only requirement is consistent base sizes for the three arms, infantry, cavalry and artillery. Card activation is the key point for representing friction, a deck of 32 playing cards is required for each player.

A 4-page army builder provides guidelines for a point-based system and attributes for the major participants' forces.

I would like to urge everyone to give the rules a try and get back to me with their results. You can access the rules from the Rules page in the menu above, or from here:

Sep 29, 2016

Austrian reinforcements

I just couldn't give up and produced more Austrians. All of these are conversions/scratchbuilds: three cavalry artillery cannon with the 6pdr barrels from the Zvezda French artillery set; a unit of 16 Grenzer, Italeri figures with their helmets switched to shakos; and eight cuirassiers, Zvezda Saxons, this time on their proper horses, with helmets from the Italeri infantry set.

Sep 26, 2016

French line artillery

A rather large boost to the French army: three 12pdr guns and 19 crewmen, plus two limber teams I did not complete yet. This Zvezda set was rather expensive, but having a bunch of extra barrels and horses made it worthwhile.