Sep 23, 2016

Another familiar figure

This time it's a conversion, a Waterloo1815 officer on a Zvezda nag with an Italeri hat - representing none other than the famous Marshal Lasalle, inspired by two paintings of him, at the head of a cavalry charge, holding his pipe.

Sep 20, 2016

Rock and roll!

These pieces could be used in any era for mountain warfare and whatnot. I've had Italy in mind, for the early 1809 campaign and perhaps the revolutionary wars?
They are made from pieces of bark, and the bases are old DVDs. Actually, a small centipede just crawled out of the first one while I was adding grass to the base.

As with the farm, I started with a dark brown basecoat and three or four layers of drybrush, with a more orange tone on the first one, and matching colors for the rest.

Sep 17, 2016


It's still not easy to represent built-in areas with larger scale figures. One way to solve this is creating fenced-off gardens and such. We've had this piece of plywood lying around, and I thought I could use it as a base for such a piece. There's a farm house, a stone well, a stable and a chicken coop included on it.

The buildings are made from figure boxes, the roof is decor rubber. The gates and columns are pine wood, the fence is balsa wood. The walls of the stable and the fence are covered in PVA and sand.

I've started painting with a layer of dark chocolate brown and used multiple highlights until reaching a gray/white on the fence and an off white on the buildings. The roof was drybrushed with saddle brown (sort of clay), then orange brown.

Sep 14, 2016

Tricorns vs Turks

Following the disastrous defeat at the Al-Umbraininbar Oasis, the Albionic expedition to the Barbary Coast took up fortified positions in a sheltered bay, awaiting the arrival of the RN to evacuate them.

Sep 11, 2016

Jazygian Space Navy, Sweetwater Squadron

Following a lengthy discussion with Edward under one of my posts about One Page Fleets, I've quickly published some rules amendments and options, and then proceeded to build a small-scale 50pt fleet. They are made from various bits, including a GB plastic shield, balsa wood and a gutted DVD player.

Sep 8, 2016

A Tiny Update

Tiny both in scale and scope, a couple of buildings and two more Commission Figurines MDF units for my Imaginary Leuwenthal / GNW Russian army had been completed. 
I did not like going all green, so I chose this pair, the Ingermanland foot and Arkhangelgorod horse with yellow coats.
The houses are typical to the Hungarian countryside, their roofs are made from tea to look like stacked reeds.

Sep 5, 2016

I've baked a cannon!

It's trouble getting enough cannon for my Napoleonic troops. These sets are the most expensive, and often contain a few cannon only - or if they have enough cannon, there are no horse teams and limbers at all.
To remedy this, I have bought a pack of sculpey and made this prototype, an Austrian cavalry artillery 6-pounder. The pieces made from sculpey are the barrel, the wurst and the rims of the two wheels.

Sep 2, 2016

Austrian conversions

With all the French painted lately, I thought I could add more figures to the opposing armies as well. I've had some lying around, but only a handful of each variety, so I've started experimenting with other sorts of troops not represented this far.
This is what the end results are:
  • A 6-figure (4-base) unit of Dragoons
  • A cavalry artillery howitzer and limber
  • Six Grenzer of the 14th Székely Regiment
  • Eight Jäger

The light infantry could form a three- and a four-base unit, respectively, their individual bases having the same frontage.

Aug 30, 2016

French infantry #3 - the Even Older Guard

To boost the strength of my Napoleonic French forces, I've completed the last fourteen of the HäT line infantry, and brought a much neglected, 24-figure unit of the venerable Airfix Old Guard up to date with a fresh paintjob.