Jan 19, 2017

An Opolcheniye

My painting output has decreased somewhat, fortunately I've had this pair of units I have not yet showcased here. They're the last of the Italeri bunch of line infantry, and the first of the big HäT Opolcheniye box.

Jan 12, 2017

Nova Hungaria: The Iron Road

I think these images were made at the end of November, but I've never quite got to post them. After reading Winstons Churchill's 'The River War', I've had the desire for some colonial action. 
As the Nova Hungaria railroad expands towards the southern outposts, the hill tribes become very agitated by its prospects, and 'agitated' usually means ready to fight in hill tribe language.
The activation sequence was borrowed from 'Easy tricorne', a less sophisticated but faster resolution, and we've used the combat rules from VEW. 

Jan 9, 2017

Coaching Coaches

This 18th century coach is ideal for skirmish scenarios, or it can simply be a nice battlefield prop.
It is painted in bright Swedish colors, so it can be used both for my imaginary Varangian forces and historical GNW Swedes.

Jan 7, 2017

Baccus Goodness

Another two hundred or so 6mm figures join the collection (I honestly don't know how many is there in total). The Baccus packs are the following: WSS line infantry (much superior to the GNW sets, I'll probably replace them at some point), WSS dismounted dragoons (to be used both as mounted and foot Freikorps), and SYW 'Hungarian' grenadiers, for everything bearskin related.

Jan 4, 2017

Italeri Italians

These are from the late (1812+) French infantry set, but I was quite fed up with blue uniforms, so I did whites instead, with a brown wash. 
The figures are about the same quality as those in the HäT set, so they won't be out of place. Some details (such as scabbards and muskets) are slimmer, but the faces are odd. I still think Italeri employed two very different sculptors, one who's responsible for the 'bobble-head' figures similar to those Esci produced, and the other one for the 'chinless' sets, of which I currently own four: AWI militia, French CAC, early French infantry and this one.

Jan 1, 2017

Plans for 2017

First and foremost, I will obviously have to cut my hobby spendings seriously this year. The previous one has seen some consolidation in this regard, but a few impulse buys sort of ruined it.
I intend to focus on two main projects, at least in the first half of the year:

Hungarian War of Independence 1848-49, in 6mm.
I would like to use Commission MDF figures in bulk. In this scale, there is little difference between Napoleonic Austrians and soldiers of the later era.
I'm working on rules, too, based on Victorious Eagle Warfare.
Baccus Risorgimento and FPW figures complement the Commission range well. The main problem is the intervening Russian army, the infantry by this time had worn the peaked helmet, and as far as I know, only Irregular makes those. Well there's still the option of having all of them wear forage caps.

The first order of the year would most likely be some Commission cavalry for this purpose, also to complement my Formaggian 18th century armies (Cuirassiers / Pretoriano cavalry in crested helmets, and Hussars).

1/72 Napoleonics, Spanish and British armies.
HäT makes nice Spaniards, I hope I can lay my hands on some. The cavalry would be Italeri Prussians, of which I have already got a box or two.

I do already have a bunch of Scot Greys and Highland infantry, along with the General Picton figure from the Waterloo1815 box, so the way of expanding is quite straightforward: the Italeri line infantry (although in Belgic shakos) is available locally, and so is their British light cavalry, similar in style&quality to the French CAC set. Sadly they are dressed for the Hundred Days (the Waterloo Curse strikes again!) instead of the much more fashionable tarletons, but this is the least of my worries.

Other goals include:
  • Expand the 1/2000 and 1/600 fleets, a way to acquire cheap (and fun) gaming material.
  • Much more gaming.
  • Sell some of my stuff - all things considered, I have over six thousand figures now, and some had never been used.

Dec 31, 2016

Reviewing the Past Year

Looking back at the previous year, it's been full of interesting hobby activity, which I hope to keep up with some twists.
Today's post is a reflection on 2016 - I will publish the follow-up tomorrow.

Let us first consider the previous year's resolutions: it's quite evident that most of them had been fulfilled. Perhaps because I wished for less and could therefore do it?
  • 6mm SYW: three and a half armies were completed: British, French, Ottoman and Russian, the last one from MDF figures. Very little gaming, sadly, which I'm trying to remedy next year.
  • 1/72 tricorne: GNW Saxon army completed, along with the 120+figure big Strelets box down to two or three figures.
  • 1/2000 pre-dreads: less gaming than I had wished for, Tsushima Russian fleet 100% complete, Japanese less so.
  • 6mm terrain: lots of new scratchbuilt pieces, including an entire Ottoman village.
  • 1/72 terrain: I've only started towards the end of the year, fortunately the pieces I required were quite simple and essential (except the big fort), therefore easy to make.
  • Table extension is done, although rarely used.
  • 15m WW2: the Forged in Battle Brits are still sitting on my table, the Hungarians are complete.
  • 1/72 medieval: a big no, some 28mm Perry and Gripping Beast figures were completed.
  • Nova Hungaria: this project was sidelined, mostly because of my acquired distaste towards the Sharpe Practice rules, which neither the ACW supplement nor the 2.0 version were able to remedy.
  • Age of Sail: with the aid of TESCO, a few ships were built and one game was played.
  • C&C Napoleonics: not purchased, lots of figures were bought and painted instead. Playing The Great War boardgame has piqued my interest in this again, but if I would ever invest in it, I'd rather buy 6mm figures and play on a square grid map, much more spectacular and probably cheaper, too, considering that the rules are available online.

Stuff not listed above:
Multiple hundreds of Napoleonic figures painted: a French army raised from scratch, a smaller Russian army from stripped figures and new purchases, and an Austrian contingent of creative conversions. The fun thing is that originally I wanted to use Lasalle, but I could still not meet the requirements for any army list, so I came up with my own rules to be able to play with fewer units on a smaller table.

I actually forgot to mention the 1/600 pre-dreadnought project, which has attracted a lot of attention and positive feedback about my scratch-building adventures.

In general, I think my homemade rules have improved a lot, and will still evolve over time and repeated play.

My only regret is that I've painted lots and lots of figures, but played only a few games. 17 posts in 2016 had the "gaming" label attached. I sometimes find the fuss of setting up a table, then packing everything up again deterring me from two or three hours of fun.
This is directly related to the contents published on R&C as well: it's become my regular approach to post fewer completed figures at once, usually in 3-4 day intervals.

2016 has also been the Year of the Bots, I've received incredible amounts of hits, usually from Ukraine and Russia. Fortunately, this did not affect the comments section under my posts. 

Dec 28, 2016

A Christmas Day Battle

I dragged out the 160x90cm table and organized a four-player family game of Napoleonics. An allied Russian and Austrian force vs. a French infantry and cavalry division. 
We've used Victorious Eagle Warfare again, with the added modification that two successes on a rally remove the Shaken status AND one casualty, so units would, in theory, last longer.

Dec 25, 2016

Obligatory Christmas post

Merry Christmas to all of my readers!  (This time even the Russian spambots.)
I'm back to work on the 27th so I have to spend the time well. I'll report back with (hopefully) lots of painted stuff, and even a few battle reports.
As a present (among other things) I have received the HäT Opolcheniye box with 100 angry Russians inside, and they proved much easier to paint than I expected - a unit of 16 figures is already painted and glued on bases, they await varnishing and cement & sand on the plasticard base... Life is good.