Dec 21, 2014

6mm Ancients(?)

About 250 Baccus figures in this lot: 1 set of Hittite infanry (I think), 1 of peltasts, 1 archers, 3 chariots. The infantry boxes contain 96, the archers 48, the chariots 4. This was sort of an impulse buy two or three months ago and the painted figures had been lying around waiting to be based for quite a long time, and when I started completing the process I figured out some enhancement on the paintjobs was needed too...
I think the theme requires a little explanation as I have, in the grand scheme, about 0 Ancients figures. I'm running a Mythical RPG (it's been stalling for a while) using Swords&Wizardry. We created the world with Dawn of Worlds and in my games we focus on the human Riverland cultures and the Nomads of the Steppe. It is a shameless act for writing material. Once everything is fleshed out I will translate the rough 'script' to a novel and for this end we record every session. The characters started at level 5 and avoided real harm (even performed greatly when they were fighting the sole boss they come through so far) for a while now. 
The figures are for two armies. The kingdoms of the Riverland are at war with the invading city state of Hatti, the ones in the white/light grey are the good guys (e.g. the players are allied with them).

Dec 18, 2014

A little trouble

So yesterday, with the intention of helping a stranger on the internet, I succesfully had a keylogger run on my laptop. The damage is collateral and, showing how serious was this 'hacking' attempt, the culprit changed my facebook profile picture and sent vulgar messages in Spanish to my friends. 
Nothing of real value had been lost, I reinstalled Windows and changed all my passwords, hopefully not following the pattern that has been viewed. 
The lesson is, your personal information online is vulnerable and while on this occasion I managed to avoid real harm, you never can be careful enough. The 'don't talk to strangers' rule applies in all conditions - it was my fault and nobody else's (except that 'hacker"s).
This does not affect anything about my google+ account or blogging as they keylogger needed information to be typed on the actual keyboard. However, if you notice something that slipped past my guard, please contact me immediately.

Dec 13, 2014

Whiteboard Winter War

Things get quite slow as we enter the dreaded exam period of the year. I have ordered a hot wire cutter but it has to be delivered to the local store. Until then (and the time I will be able to do something with it), this will be the sole post. You can always check the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog (link in the upper menu) as it requires less menial labor and more brainstorming.

Dec 9, 2014

Games Day Budapest 2014

The yearly 'greatest tabletop wargaming event' held place on Sunday Dec 7. I went out in the morning at about 10am, took 5 stops with a bus to get there. In the last two years the entry fee has been more than before but it's still very cheap. Flea marketers have to pay double amount but I did not go with the intention of buying or selling anything.

Venue is still in a primary school's gym and at the time it was very crowded. This post is going to focus more on historical games and what I joined in and played. 

Dec 6, 2014

December Brainstorm: Age of Sail and projects for the month

So I have decided that no matter how cheap 1/4800 scale is, the models just don't give the appropriate feel and I want something larger. There are only a handful of manufacturers and each has a huge disadvantage for me.
Navwar - mail/fax orders only.
GHQ - USD/local currency rate is skyrocketing.
Tumbling Dice/FiB Trafalgar - 1/2400 is cool but I want bigger models.
Langton - price is high (although I could buy hulls only and scratchbuild the rest).

As things currently stand, Langton would be preferred but I have something else in mind. The only disadvantage of scratchbuilding is that it requires time and I do not have much - however, in just a couple of hours I was able to build a large two-decker out of blue foam, old brushes, figure sprues and paper. So I imagine for something smaller, where a model is about 3-4" big, it would require a little more finesse and less materials.
Off I went and purchased some pine wood, steel rod and a lot of glue... Next week I'll buy a hot wire cutter for the blue foam, and then building can begin (only after the 20th in industrial production, but I believe I can spare some time to build a prototype).
For rules, I have Fire as She Bears (over 200 pages, leave me alone), WHH Trafalgar, Too Fat Lardies' Kiss Me Hardy and my homebrew, also some old hex game I found on the net. I'd like to give each one a try before settling on a winner.

In other news, I will not spend much more this month. The Christmas present is going to be some 6mm SYW figures from Baccus. I have already bought a lot of paints and coming next week, I'll share what I have seen on Games Day (happening this Sunday). When I'm not busy preparing for my 5 exams that'll take place in December, I'll try to paint some Napoleonic South Americans and build the men-o-war.

Dec 3, 2014

Painting diary XXXI.

I've done some work on the previous weekend but had not the time to complete the bases, so here's some stuff that marched off the painting desk:

Dec 1, 2014

Small scale naval action

The 1/4800 Tumbling Dice men-o-war have been sitting on my shelf for way too long without a baptism of fire. With ad-hoc modifications, we had played a small naval game using OPF Seafarers. You can find the rules on the Rules page IIRC. 

Nov 28, 2014

The battle of Moonshine Ranch - A South American Sharp Practice AAR

The morning heat was already painful for the well-dressed men of the Ortosilian army as they climbed through the walls of Rancho de Santos near the Tropezonian border. As it goes with most hostilities, the Ortosilian leaders were convinced that the Tropezonian army started them and they were rightful in marching their freshly recruited troops against them near the border, as said in the Portadoro Daily, for 'drill and target practice'.
The ranch has been long abandoned. The de Santos family moved inside the nearest Tropezonian town, the women worked in the clothes manufactory and the head of the family bought some cattle kept in the outskirts. While they lived in the ranch Juan de Santos, son of old Juan, tried to achieve some profit for the place by distilling basically anything he could lay his hands on - and the ranch had enough grapes, peaches and wheat to make all sorts. When they left, quite hurriedly, some of this moonshine was left behind. Now both the Ortosilian and Tropezonian leaders found it would be great motivation for their men to loot this nectar.

Nov 25, 2014

Purchase History - November

It is easier to see through (although I have excel tables for this) my spendings and the state of my projects if I do these posts after I've bought the stuff and not before. I would rather not go into details about what a monthly 'wish list' post contains and what has been realized that month!
The idea is also that by the 15th I conclude every acquisition and do not spend any more - the time limit is not a constraint actually as I can buy multiple useless things during that short period.

So in November, I have bought
a bunch of Rosemary&co acrylics brushes
5 Vallejo paints and some cheap acrylics for my little brother's painting projects

a box of HäT Gardner guns for Nova Hungaria - these are finished.
Italeri Union and Confederate infantry for the same - these are WIP
Esci Muslims for the same - they come from the US so I'm still waiting for them.