Aug 27, 2016

Perry Foot Knights

A rather different topic than Napoleonics, this sprue of six figures was purchased quite some time ago on ebay. I've painted them up rather fast, then forgot to base them. I've used two black washes on the armor, otherwise it's the standard block-wash-highlight way. There may be a curse on me which prevents me from completing any 28mm figure within 3 months of purchase.

Aug 24, 2016

"Colonel, you're forgetting your orders."

I have managed to complete this Zvezda figure, representing none other than Louis-Alexandre Berthier, Napoleon's chief of staff. To add some variety to an otherwise not very interesting figure, I've included it in a small diorama, with a lower-ranking member of staff and an ADC.

Aug 21, 2016

Paddle steamer "Mészáros"

After the Spring Revolution of 1848, an independent Hungarian national assembly was elected, based on an equal and expanded (although far from universal) right to vote, and a new government, responsible to this parliament, was appointed.
The Serbian and Croatian leaders, in pursuit of their own national(ist) interests, remained loyal to Vienna. Open hostilities soon broke out, and the infant government had to prevent Serbian and Croatian raids up on the Danube. Stationary batteries along the banks seemed insufficient, so the decision was made to purchase multiple ships and convert them to military purposes. They turned to the DDSG company, which had available shipyards near Budapest. The deal was struck incredibly fast, and the first (and, as it turned out, only) ship, previously a transport steamer under the name Franz I, was sold on June 7 1848, and her refit began on June 13 in DDSG's Óbuda yard. She was re-christened Mészáros (after the current Minister of War). After arming her and filling her stores, the maiden voyage took place on June 30.

Aug 18, 2016

Test battle - Italy 1809

My Napoleonic rules are almost complete, but a playtest is always due before publishing them. They are basically a variant of  'Easy Tricorne', with some of the Napoleonic fuzz added. 
In this confrontation, an Austrian force faces a French advance, somewhere in Italy. Of course I have the wrong headwear for the Austrians to match the French, so please ignore that.

Aug 15, 2016

The Emperor's pretty daughters

Like most of my French Napoleonic figures, these were painted in fictional South American colors until I've got the Napoleonic bug again - the cannon were stripped and repainted green, the figures were just painted over, the carriage horses drybrushed with a bright yellow brown.

Aug 12, 2016

A familiar figure

Stripped and repainted for the second time, this old Italeri representation of Napoleon is completed, along with a Dragoon officer from the same set, an ADC and a Zvezda general.

Aug 9, 2016

French infantry #2

A group of fourteen Hät fusiliers with a Waterloo1815 commanding officer, a unit of voltigeurs and another fifteen on skirmish bases march off the table to join the Emperor's forces.

Aug 6, 2016


I did not contend myself with constructing only one building for 1/72 battles, so I grabbed some blue foam and built this lot: a redoubt section and two raised artillery positions.

Aug 3, 2016

French line infantry

This day has come, too: I have completed the first lot of the HäT French foot, and a rather big chunk at that, 34 figures out of a hundred, with sixteen voltigeurs in progress. In the foreground, there's the line grenadiers: they are organized to a single six-base unit, with some Zvezda figures and a Waterloo1815 mounted officer mixed in; and in the back, a four-base unit of fusiliers.