Oct 17, 2021

Public Service Announcement

The recent Google Drive security update messed up some of the links on the Rules page, making some older rules I made unavailable for public viewing. This was brought to my attention by someone requesting access to a document that was, to my knowledge, accessible without restriction.

I have now sorted this issue out, so all links to my rules should work properly. 

Oct 15, 2021

WIP - G-93 'Kontot Kombatot' Light Tank Platoon

Now that I had the prototype and did not need to think much on the specifications, it was easy to assemble two more G-93 tankettes for the Jazygian armed forces. This time, instead of corrugated cardboard, I used 2mm balsa wood and two types of cardstock (a thicker one for the undercarriage and thinner ones for the horizontal upper surfaces and rear, much alike real tanks). Due to their simple shape, they are rather easy to put together, and needed filling only in a few places.

The platoon of three vehicles is going to be the standard combat element of the Jazygian light tank arm. This can be any variant of the G-93, with the restriction that at least one vehicle must have anti-tank capability. There are enough spare parts to retrofit all vehicles with at least a hull-mounted 3pdr gun. 

You can see that two vehicles of this platoon are going to have some field modifications, either storage boxes, extra track links or sandbags to boast their fighting capability. The platoon can have two hardtop versions or two turreted vehicles. The latter models will also look a bit more rough - war with Roxolania looming, they are put together hurriedly.

There is a fourth vehicle in the making at the back of the picture, of which I will tell you more in a following post.

Oct 4, 2021

A Few New Rules

 I've added no less than three new rule booklets to the 'Rules' page of this blog. 

The first is Heart of Battle, a block wargame. I'm considering painting block armies because they can represent anything and take lesser space than figures, and I needed a simple game for them.

The second is One Page Meeple Warfare, which is basically a mayhem-type large skirmish game that is quite on the rules free side of things. I produced this to awake the feeling of old games I played, with only a handful of board game figures.

And the last is D6 Naval War, a derivative of the Inter Arma d8 Naval rules, which takes a unique aspect at modern war at sea, or at least that's what I hope.

Sep 23, 2021

Chilean Steel

Here's the next bit in my 1/2000 scratchbuilding venture, the pair of the Almirante Latorre class. Pretty handy ships, and the first British-built SDs completed after the Orions waaaaay before. Unfortunately I could only paint the straw of the deck with a glossy piece of Heller acrylic paint, so it's not completely to my taste, but at 1/2000, no one should really care.

Sep 17, 2021

1/500 SMS Seydlitz WIP #2

Since the last post way back when, I've completed some improvements over this build. 

Sep 2, 2021

Jazygian Armed Forces M3 Lee

There is no reason, other than personal preference, to include an M3 Lee in the Jazygian army. It might have been a Lend-Lease Russian vehicle passed over, or one salvaged from a Northern African battlefield. 

It's roughly 1/35 scale, and is made from cardboard, pink foam and balsa wood. There are some improvements over my scratchbuilding since the last piece, but the main goal is still not to overcomplicate these models - that would look silly next to plastic army men.


Jul 27, 2021

Roxolanian P-555 Sanktos Prokopios medium tank

To counter the Jazygian armored threat, the Roxolanian Armed Forces have come up with their own design. It is much more advanced and looks somewhat German-ish.

Jul 6, 2021

Kontot Kombatot G-93 - Some More Versions

I've finished the model and added some quirks and features. This is the standard G-93, with a driver/commander and a HMG in the second seat.

Jul 4, 2021

WIP - Jazygian 'Kontot Kombatot' G-93 tankette


The problem with vehicles that come with toy soldier sets is twofold: they are usually way too tiny compared to the army men, and they completely lack functionality.

To solve both of these problems, the Jazygian Armed Forces developed this rather handsome vehicle, basically a cardboard box on tracks, which can house two or three crew members and can lead the Jazygian spearhead into enemy territory.

The R&D process was relatively trouble free. I took a piece of cardboard, drew the shape of the hull, cut it out, scored and glued it together. The front mantle received a piece of strengthening stainless steel, and one of the windows were cut out to house a HMG or a 3pdr anti-tank gun (sold separately, also known as a piece of 2mm copper rod with a counterweight). There are going to be experiments with bolting a mortar to the underside as well. I covered the edges with strips of paper to make painting easier and protect them somewhat. The tracks were placed under the hull, otherwise it would have been too wide, and a pair of 2mm balsa skirts were added.

Once the glue dries, I'll paint it in the traditional Jazygian war colours - green, brown, grey and pink.