Nov 24, 2015

Mesr Wars Materiel

Two Veudeni battleships in a lovely green color and a Jackewlinese airship for the coming game. These pre-dreadnought ships are of an older design, sort of the test phase before the historical ships of late.

The airship is made of balsa, pine and thin plasticard. It sits on a steel wire and a coin base. I used green stuff to sculpt the waves on the base and finished it with a glossy varnish.

Nov 21, 2015

Allies of Calvacasa

Showing a dozen foot figures from the Strelets GNW Russian dragoons box. They will form a siege storming party in the Calvacasa Rebellion campaign. They are Glambrian mercenaries, a mixed bunch of fusiliers and grenadiers. 
The poses are quite odd, and I thought the fact that some are holding grenades could be useful this way.

Nov 18, 2015

Purchase history, November

Although there are only three items on the list, they were sort of expensive together.
First, Fighting Sail rules by Osprey, already tested and very promising.
Then a 1/500 ship of the line model by Heller, scored on ebay because of the lack of other options. I'm going to use this ship as a prop for my 6mm games. Although there is a huge difference in scales, the ship might still be just a bit too big - in that case I will have to scratchbuild one. As a reminder, an amphibious operation type of game had been conducted some time ago on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog, it's something similar to this I would like to achieve with the model.
The third purchase is for 'Jazygia 1996', for which I have completed another score of figures, but as they still lack any vehicles or armored support, I bought three cheap T-72 models from China, again through ebay.

In the meantime I have started painting up the 6mm figures, the militia and Highlanders only need a layer of varnish before I begin basing them, and then I can proceed to the French. I'm going to have to buy some Vallejo acrylic varnish because the metal figures don't take enamels very well. 

Nov 16, 2015

Trouble Trebuchet

Oh no! The Vikings have a trebuchet! (Well except it doesn't work properly, but still, imagine a fierce combination of these bloodthirsty raiders and such a destructive tool of war!)

Nov 13, 2015

Pirate skirmish footnotes

The story itself is posted on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog. As a matter of fact, I'm out of painted figures at the moment, so I thought I could indulge on the technical parts of the skirmish game.

The rules were Flashing Steel, IMHO the best set from Ganesha Games. It has the usual dice activation, but what makes it shine is you can completely customize your figures, starting with deciding a combat and quality score, and then buying them various weapons and special abilities. I have other similar games in my library but prefer this one.
It allowed me to create a balanced strike force of five figures, worth almost 600 points, against the sixteen defenders of a similar value. (This is an average score of ~120pt per figure, but actually only a few were really "strong", their captain Filippo Scolari alone costing 155.) Then I included the ship's crew and the gunners on the island to balance things even more.
The terrain is various kitchen utilities made of wood, cardboard and wooden boxes and some DIY terrain such as cardboard ramps, walls, fences and the ruins of the Old Fort. The space is intentionally limited, of course.
The pirates were exclusively made of converted figures from the Zvezda GNW Russian artillery set.  The captive Pierre d'Arson came from this set as well, and so did the artillery crews on both sides. The defenders of the island are the by now well-known Saxons, originally Zvezda Russian figures, and their commander is a SYW Prussian officer. The OOBs for both parties are quite lengthy so I would not include them here.
The pirates were very overpowered in their attack parameters, but suffered from enemy musketry a lot. Because they had high combat scores, the enemy could not kill them, but pinned them down for extensive periods. Luckily the various stages of the island offered cover. 
Of course the heavy artillery on the island could punch through the small pirate ketch like a piece of paper, but the first shot missed and it took forever to reload the single cannon that could be aimed at the ship. 

What is left for me to do is making a few announcements about my plans for the near future.
What comes very next is a pre-dreadnought battle. A vile criminal detonated a bomb aboard the Jackewlinese fleet's modern flagship, JRS Jasksgart, and a Veudeni terrorist group claimed the act. Jackewline declared war on the Confederacy of Veuden and a fleet of five ships plus escorts is sailing out to pay a visit and take revenge on the much older Veudeni main fleet. (The Jasksgart is actually the IJN Mikasa which was knocked over and lost two masts and minor structural damage.)
Then another naval battle follows and will be posted on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog: the battle of Linskög Narrows using the freshly acquired Fighting Sail rules.
I'm currently painting (after a long delay) the newest Baccus figures of my collection, three Maurice units of militia (AWI militia figs) and three units of mercenaries (AWI Highlanders). Then I'll move on to the SYW French figures, and with them my fourth 6mm tricorne army.

Nov 9, 2015

Fruits of hard work

A long weekend's output is on the photo above. Some figures were shown in the previous diary post and required basing only. Others were completed from priming during the weekend. A company of Strelets foot figures is still missing from the photo, by the way.
From left to right:
- eight Italeri Nap. Prussian cavalry converted to wear tricornes
- eight Strelets Russian dragoons painted as Ansbach cavalry in Saxon service in the GNW
- ten Zvezda SYW grenadiers with yellow coats and six in turqouise
- a group of civilians from the IMEX Pilgrims set
- a group of Zvezda GNW Russians as the third Saxon infantry unit
- eight Pilgrims with guns and a converted field surgeon
- three Zvezda artillerymen for the Saxon guns and eight horses (Revell and Zvezda) for the train
- and, in the background, six camp tents from paper along with other camp accessories.

Nov 5, 2015

Painting diary XXXIV.

I have a lot of unfinished business going on, which usually happens when I start a new project. Above, two scratchbuilt mortars for Calvacasa's army and a two-wheel carriage. They are varnished and based, will probably add some grass on the bases.

Nov 2, 2015

GNW Saxon army update

A lot of progress was being made on this project during the autumn holiday. I have stripped the cannon for the artillery and repainted them, along with two infantry units and a commander.

Oct 30, 2015

Tricorn Progress

Eight foot figures and six cavalrymen are the subject of today's post. They are all Zvezda making from two sets, the GNW Swedish cavalry and SYW Prussian grenadiers.
All of them have fictitious uniform colors and will be used in the recently started project, the Calvacasa Rebellion - of which you can read more if you visit my ImagiNation blog available from the blog menu above.