Apr 26, 2015

1/4800 ships of the line

Fifteen more ships, bringing the number of my ships of the line to 21. They are from Tumbling Dice. I've had some experience with their kind with the previous batch, but I have painted more small scale figures since, so I had a better approach. 
The ships had a grey primer, were blocked in, shaded, and then I highlighted the stripes on the hulls. Most of the information during a battle would come from the individual data sheets anyway.
There are three types of hull color, white, red and yellow. The lot contains six three- and nine two-deckers.
I've changed the queue of posts so I wouldn't spoil their presentation here with the battle they fought on the seas of the imaginary Schultze-Böhnstadt world. 

Apr 24, 2015

Sailing ships

While the pre-dreads were halted for a while, I've still had a good amount of 6mm and 8mm thick balsa wood, so I started experimenting and built a bunch of larger scale ships. The small metal ships are excellent for fleet actions, while these will be more useful for smaller engagements like duels and convoy raids.
All of them were built in the same spirit: a multi-part hull for the big ones, paper gun ports, a piece of thread along the hull; plasticard and GS bow decorations, wooden masts and paper sails. When all the painting was done, I added a little bit of rigging so the masts wouldn't look bare. 

Apr 22, 2015

1/4800 naval game

Took the Tumbling Dice 1/4800 ships out for a game, using Kiss Me Hardy. Despite looking a bit complicated at first (I think it was the same with other TFL rules), the rules play really well.
The Fricklander and Crontaineviller, both two squadrons, five ships strong overall, clash on an open sea. The wind favors the Crontaineviller (orange) fleet.

Apr 20, 2015

Nova Hungaria - SMS Weissland

The naval support unit for the penal battalion has two ships, the gunboat Maria Theresa and the paddle steamer Weissland. The MT was built long ago, but in the world of Nova Hungaria, the Weissland is the older ship. 

Apr 18, 2015

Evil Agytpians

The remaining 31 figures from the Esci Muslims set. They are a various lot, some have Mosins but we'll just pretend they have muzzleloaders. 
I promoted one to a commander (given a larger base), the rest is an even 15-15 shooters and melee fighters.

The white undercoat - white clothes - quickshade combo worked on the previous batch, and they're not bad this time either.

Apr 16, 2015

Nova Hungaria - Civilians

After the military men here are some various figures - mostly conversions - for the dark island.
Left to right:
Alexander Petrof - a mysterious man in the service of the Americans. Gossip tells about him escaping a Siberian camp and sailing to Japan on a row boat. Italeri ACW officer without a sword.
Lord John Flipperton - HM Queen Victoria's officer on leave. ID'd from Plastic Soldier Review as a part of the IMEX ACW infantry set. Had his forage cap removed and a pith helmet added.
Herr Balthasar von Flügernhoffen - a Prussian naval officer. Same set, same treatment.
Lady Margaret - Lord John's wife. Also has a revolver. Caesar Fantasy Adventurers figure with more cloth covering + hat made from green stuff.
Svetlana Ivanova - a Ruslander antagonist, from the Italeri Medieval Tournament lady figure, hat from the Napoleonic French staff, the rest is GS again. Modelled after a certain Prussian princess.

Apr 14, 2015

Nova Hungaria - Cavalry support

Finally, the Vladislaus V battalion has a supporting cavalry squadron as well, of two troops, both 11 men strong. 

Most figures are Italeri again, with a bunch of Imex dudes in the second troop below (rear rank). I painted them using only blocking colors in + quickshade. 
These days I paint the riders and horses together as with multiple layers of paint fitting them after being painted separately could damage the coat on the horse or the rider.

Apr 12, 2015

3rd (Light) Company, Vladislaus V Penal Battalion

The 2nd company is still not ready, but the 3rd was needed on the battlefield. Italeri figures with two metal dudes (maker unknown) and an Imex officer.

The company has a crew of two officers and 22 troopers, divided to three platoons, one of 8 and two of 7 men. Each platoon is led by a sergeant.

The Italeri officer is the company commander and the guy with the pistol is his second.

I ran out of Stonewall Grey, which I used for the line infantry, but a little difference in the uniforms' color will not bother anyone.

Apr 10, 2015

Nova Hungaria - Artillery company

I have brought these fellows and their equipment to the dorm as my laptop was being repaired to complete them there. I had an old HP with Windows XP, but I wanted to paint something after a week of studies.
They are part of the gift pack János gave me on Games Day. I stripped most of the figures and selected them to batches - I have a great surplus of infantry, twenty-something cavalry, a lot of surplus staff and these guys who build up the artillery contingent of the Vladislaus V Penal Battalion.