Oct 20, 2014

Maurice AAR - The Battle of Kromburg

In this battle the forces of The Greate Cake managed to stall the Böhnstadter attack at the village of Kromburg. The map above is incorrect as there was no Markwald! My 'forests' are too big for more  than one to be fielded at the current scale of engagements.

Oct 17, 2014

On Board the SMS Leitha/Lajta

I have visited the monitor SMS Leitha/Lajta last Wednesday. The ship is 'run' by the Institute and Museum of Military History of Hungary, and is free too visit until November. Guided tours are run every half hour until 4pm. She's anchored right before the Parliament building.

Oct 14, 2014

Showcasing the 6mm Imagi-Nation armies

I still owe my readers, despite presenting a battle report earlier, some close-ups on the finished 6mm troops of Schultze-Böhnstadt and the Flossian Union. Well, here they are; first the Böhnstadter, in a linear arrangement above.

Oct 11, 2014

A Call to Arms ECW infantry

A very large painted showcase, at least of recent times. These are three boxes of 1/72 figures, all made by A Call to Arms: 2 boxes of ECW Royalist infantry and one of ECW command, 94 figures in total.
One regiment of foot (the Reds) were submitted earlier and without command figures. The other box is the Green regiment. They are in two massed formations here, one is a 'fortress' type square with wings of shotte on the corners, the other is the standard linear.

Oct 8, 2014

On rules clarity and composition

Studying law I have encountered more legal texts than it is healthy, hundreds, I daresay even thousands of pages. Most of them were badly edited and written - this happens a lot in continental law where interpreting a norm is the most important part of any legal argument. 
Rule books are, in a way, legal texts. They describe how something during the simulation of a battle happens. Therefore, the first and most important merit of a rule set is clarity and a strictly logical build-up. I have now had the luck to read through some wargames rules and most had failures in this some way. Even the ones with the most ingenuous mechanisms and well-written content.
This does not spoil the entirety of the rules - it just can be annoying at times. When the player cannot make the rules out or has to browse through a handful of pages to get the information - it is the rules' failure and not the player's (an alternate version of the old saying that the customer is always correct - which is not at all true, but let us consider it was, for a little while). If it is discouraging for newbies to browse through a rule set because it's huge and complicated - it is just the same. It will not help the designer, the publisher (especially if the two are the same) and neither the player.

Oct 5, 2014

Maurice AAR - the battle of Müllerstraße Crossroads

Briefing for the battle can be seen above; a very simple attacker vs. defender scenario, very little terrain to take care or advantage of. The focus was on trying the rules in practice.

All units are Trained quality, both armies' morale is 15.

Schultze-Böhnstadt (attacker) OOB:
1st Prinzipalitär Rgt., 5 battalions (1 as mercenary Grenadiers)
7th Karrotenbad Rgt., 3 battalions
Artillery battery, 4 guns
Leibhussaren von Paulitz, 2 squadrons (irregulars, 1 as mercenaries)
Garde du Corps Cuirassiers, 1 squadron
Anneliese Cuirassiers, 2 squadrons

Union an dem Flosse (defender) OOB:
8th Füsil Rgt., 3 battalions +1 grenadiers
9th Füsil Rgt., 3 battalions
Artillery battery, 4 guns
Ad-hoc Dragoon Rgt., 3 squadrons
Von Presser Hussars, 1 squadron

Oct 3, 2014

TYW Cavalry

The first photoshooting went badly so I rearranged these and photographed again. 25 Revell riders and 2 Croats sculpted by me. Most of the painting had been done before, I just had to highlight the riders, varnish and base them. 

Oct 1, 2014

October Wish List

Despite receiving a load of money, this month will hopefully be on the low end of spendings. I have just spent an insane amount on 6mm figures, two dozen Vallejo bottles, spray primer, varnish, PVA and plasticard... and stuff. A great budget cut is needed... also consider that I have about six hundred figures unpainted, and the fact that I have finished 300+ the previous week didn't help at all!

So the shopping list goes like:
1/72 TYW/ECW stuff, mostly cavalry: the Mars rebox of the Revell riders, and finally the Waterloo Roundheads; some Mars Scots, probably Zvezda Cossacks
Styrofoam for terrain
Fudge dice to play FATE
Books I will not read for a long while
Books I must read but detest them

I'm at the moment preparing for the Maurice game on Friday. The last thing I have to do is a large styrofoam hill - I'll post the details with the AAR. Started working on the Zvezda Russian cavalry - they're well on their way to become Polish pancerni. I'm actually getting better at sculpting with green stuff.

Sep 27, 2014

Kitbashing pt. 2.

If you remember these were done quite a while ago, I just haven't posted them yet. The only 'real' model is the Airfix 1/76(?) Bren, the other two are toys. It was something me and my little brother did together.