May 25, 2016

GB Plastic Stuff

Eight various Vikings and Saxons, plus nine generic shooty persons, all from Gripping Beast, and acquired quite some time ago. They were speed-painted, and I think the finish is too glossy again, but they fit in style with the other thirty or so GB guys already painted.

May 22, 2016


These are the figures for the "half" army of the Albionic Monarchy, whom will only be used as redcoats, and not as Böhnstadter redcoats. The cavalry is Baccus light dragoons, the infantry is H&R Prussian infantry, but seeing how detailed they are, they pass for British as well.
The idea is to swell up the ranks by using the Baccus Prussian foot in red, the guns and heavy horse, plus the three Highlander units, to create a complete army.

These units will play a prominent part in an 'Over the Hills' RPG campaign, in which the players are regimental commanders, so the facings of two of the three units match their owner's choice. Smaller battles will be conducted with Easy Tricorne, and larger ones with Maurice.

Here's a premade army composition for the latter:
NA Lethal Volleys (12) 12
NA Steady Lads (9) 21
4x ART (10) 31
6x RI Trained (36) 67
+upgrade 3 to Elite (9) 76
4x RC Trained (24) 100
+1 RI Trained when attacking
Army Morale 10

Actually, with cannons borrowed from another army (the French, Swedes or Austrians), the Brits would only need one unit of horse transferred from the Böhnstadter side to be quite autonomous in a Succession Wars campaign. There's also that little trouble that I bought the "SYW Prussian Artillery" pack fom Heroics and Ros, but there were no cannon in it. Perhaps if I could scratchbuild some guns, and use the crews for those...

May 20, 2016

Purchase history, May

I have spent little on wargaming-related articles this month, but a lot more on other hobby stuff. This included stocking up on ammo for my pellet and airsoft pistols, and buying a good length of paracord for a crossbow. No, I'm not preparing for the zombie apocalypse or the imminent occupation of our country by George Soros, even if our government is currently under the assumption the latter is inevitable. It's just that good weather is finally here and I feel more confident for some backyard target shooting.
I have bought a navy hat to command my pre-dreadnoughts, and some polyhedral dice for a role-playing game I've just come up with. I'll share it at a later date.
I have restocked plasticard and some paints, but will have to purchase more as my PVA ran out again.

May 18, 2016

The Saxon Muster

One more infantry and two cavalry units were completed, bringing the GNW Saxon army to a playable size in Maurice... All I need now is an opponent.

The original setup looked like this:
NA Cavaliers 9 - 9
4x ART 10 - 19
6x RI Trained 36 - 55
1x RI Conscript 4 - 59
6x RC Trained 36 - 95
+ upgrade 2 cavalry to Elite 5 - 100
+1x mercenary RI Trained when attacking
Army Morale 13

As you can see, I switched up the composition so I have seven cavalry and six infantry units. I'm out of infantry figures, so it's going to stay like this until I buy another few boxes of Zvezda foot figures.

May 15, 2016

The Complete Ottoman Army

"OK, at this point he's really showing off", readers might say looking at the picture above, but don't forget that 1) there were already two posts that included some of the material above, 2) I'm never going to field all of these in one battle.

Let's make a final tally:
  • 4 elephants (H&R)
  • 8 guns with 32 crew (Baccus)
  • 8+1 officers (including Cleric marker) (Baccus)
  • 192 infantry (Baccus)
  • 96 cavalry (H&R)
  • 84 irregular infantry (H&R),

425 figures and models in total, maybe a bit larger than some European chunks of the collection, but not that huge, especially considering how fast I painted the H&R figures up. 

May 12, 2016

New Setup, Almost Tested

I have constructed a frame for the 2x1,5m folding table and wanted to play on it the following day. After we've waited two hours to let the rain clouds pass, the last one lurking below the tree lines did not have mercy on us, so the battle between the Saxon and Swedish armies was postponed until fair (or more predictable) weather arrives.

May 9, 2016

Expanding the Swedish army

I have finally got to paint more of the Zvezda Swedes. After some counting heads and arranging, I've come up with a tally of three all new units (besides the one already finished) plus three 'command' groups of four figures, for the one box already painted. Including some Strelets figs, this would put the Swedish infantry at a respectable size.

May 6, 2016

Big Tricorne Post Number Three

I've finally had the spirits and determination to push through a pile of plastic again, and have completed ten Zvezda SYW Hussars, sixteen Swedes as WSS Austrians, a similar number of Strelets foot as WSS French, and eight Strelets horse as Saxon Guard horse.

May 3, 2016

IJN Mikasa

The glorious and victorious. 
As I've mentioned before, this is straight down the most detailed and complex model I've built, also the one I've spent the most of my time on.