Apr 20, 2014

Orion Cossack Cavalry + Help Wanted

Two boxes of the Cossack cavalry made by Orion. I made the distinction between the two groups by alternating the main color, one is blue and one is red. These have been sitting primed on their tray for quite a long while but now they are done.

Apr 18, 2014

More Soviet armor

Two more KV-1s finished for the Red storm. I figured converting T-34 turrets to resemble the KV-85 would be too much of a burden and as the KV-1's main gun is the same category in my house rules it matters little.

VMC Russian Green was used for the main parts on a black undercoat, then a black wash and highlights were added, followed by some rust sponge patches and pigment on the tracks.

With these I have 4 KV-1s and 2 KV-2s.

Apr 15, 2014

Battlefront Grille K

In the arms race to complete my 15mm WW2 forces I wished to acquire a German Grille SPG, so I did. After a long and tedious search I have found one on ebay that beat the manufacturer's price.

Apr 13, 2014

Jazygian Armored Forces Rgt 1&3

The second post of my 6mm stuff contains these two 6-vehicle regiments, the 1st Bertoldu and 3rd Magnuburg. One is armed with T-72s and the other with T-64s. In the end I made some changes so the command vehicle can be distinguished by type: the T-72s are led by a T-64 and the T-64s by a T-80.

Apr 10, 2014

One man's garbage is another man's treasure

Once in a year everybody packs out their heaps of garbage to the front of the house and a bunch of trucks pick everything up. During these times, the town looks much like Mos Eisley, with folk of questionable agendas driving around and making literal nests in the heaps of trash to prevent the competition from looting the goods.
While minding my own business I came across a heap of trash just on the town border, and saw this chest... What gives, I took it home, cleaned it and put all my painting and hobby stuff in. It is quite useful. And totally free.

Apr 8, 2014

Jazygian Air Force

The Jazygian Air Force, based in Magnuburg, has two companies, one a mainly freighter and the other an attack helicopter company. Company 1 has 2 Mi-8s, Company 2 two Mi-24s. These latter were given an ambush type camouflage just before the atrocities with Roxolania started.
The Air Force is led by Harmu Magnutörk, niece of Prince President Ebhard Magnutörk.

Apr 6, 2014

Apr 3, 2014

GNW - Swedish Västerbotten Regiment

Last bunch of the Zvezda foot box, representing two battalions of the Västerbotten regiment. I cut off most of the tricornes, leaving only a small peg, then sculpted karpuses around that. These simple jobs keep me in practice.

Painting was standard except a white undercoat: VGC Wolf Grey on the white parts highlighted with white, VMC Flat Blue highlighted with a mix of Flat/Electric Blue. The flesh parts had a glaze of burnt umber.
The bases were painted with VMC Flat Earth again.

Most of the stuff from my previous post is ordered, I'll be expecting them in the next two weeks. Until then the 6mm models will take the stage.

Apr 1, 2014

April Purchases

I realized just how close I am to complete my WW2 armies, so I'd like to buy AT guns for both factions.
I'd also like to buy a Grille SPG because it's the best. Sadly only Battlefront carries it = pricey as hell.

My love for the pike&shot era satiated by the infamous ModelHobbies incident (still not solved and I may need help from someone in the UK to give them a call) now seems to be returning so a) I'll be repainting the Revell TYW cavalry and b) I'll buy more, I think A Call to Arms ECW sets. There's the Mars rip-off of the Revell cavalry box too so I'll be looking out for that one too.
Also planning to acquire a box of Zvezda Numidians and sculpt reiters on the horses. They don't have any saddlery.

As promised, I'm going to start my 6mm Poltava project with buying the Swedish army first.