Aug 21, 2014

3rd blogversary

This blog is now 3 years old. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hopefully at the beginning of September I will be able to do more - (just slightly) more time and more dosh means that.

My future plans involve some Colonial gaming, finishing everything I have (just kidding), and visiting the SMS Leitha/Lajta museum ship soon.

Aug 15, 2014

Digging up old content

These photos of some of last year's games were stored on the camera for quite a while and I just found them recently. Since any other content is lacking, I'm going to post them.
Above, a 28mm SDS game featuring HäT and Alban 28mm figures.

Aug 10, 2014

Waterloo 1815 Cromwell's Cavalry

This is a first impressions post based on the Plastic Soldier Review photos (link below). I'm actually curious how their review would  judge the set.
My readers may know that I've been waiting for something to be released like this. I was secretly hoping that A Call to Arms would start producing their 54mm ECW riders in 1/72. Anyway, here's the savior(?), the photos are up on PSR (no review submitted yet). Of course they can and will be used as European reiters. This spares me a lot of work with green stuff - but not all, apparently. 
12 figures in a cavalry box is quite good (not Zvezda good, I'm so sorry they've only done one TYW set), but there is no distinctive command figure, so one must be made by converting, turning a sword arm, adding a sash etc. The sword and pistol poses seem good and all combat poses carry a firearm, but why is the third pose shooting from the saddle? You can't really make much out of it. Making a musician/standard bearer optional is also a good idea, but the number of figures in the set means this way, if one does not convert (e.g. butcher) any figures, there are nine combatants to three musicians/standard bearers; half of the figures require a standing or walking horse while the horse poses are all very dynamic (all two of them). I wouldn't judge sculpting quality based on photos so I will wait for the real evidence (holding the figures in my own hands), but two horse poses to twelve riders???
The relatively few poses mean you can't drop the shooty guy from your ranks - and you can't make a proper caracole with charging horses. A standard bearer figure could be converted to a commander (why didn't they simply include a sword arm with the set?). So besides supplying something long demanded to the masses, this set doesn't have as much merit as it first seems, especially next to the Revell TYW cavalry set and its copies. Maybe this one just set the standard really too high. 
More judgement will come as soon as I get my hands on a box.

Aug 3, 2014

Ortosilian 1st Foot Btn. and Foot Guard

First of the more numerous units for the South American Imagi-Nations. Twelve line infantry for the 1st Btn of Foot (Italeri/Esci Russians) and seven Guard Grenadiers (Italeri/Zvezda). Plus Monsieur Jules Descramps, the military advisor.

Jul 30, 2014

Painting diary XXIX.

Not much inspiration to paint these days.
I have put the 6mm infantry to cardboard pieces and had one strip primed with grey.
Assembled and began priming the Revell TYW cavalry, the horses with white, the riders with black.
The Fleet Green marines are primed but nothing had been done with them for a while now. 
What's been finished is the Ortosilian infantry of which I still owe a post to you dear readers but the first photos I made were really bad and the family took the camera with them to the holidays.
Assembled and cut off the sprues the ACtA ECW command which will boost the ranks of the two foot regiments once done.
Worked on the ranges in Inter Arma WW2 and made a small city state simulator on hex terrain. 
What's finished is the model tanks we've been working together with my little brother and the Airfix Bren that's been done mostly by me for his birthday.
This actually sounds a lot but all the cutting, cleaning, etc. didn't take more than an hour each day since the last post.
I'm going to have a summer job in August so I would like to finish some stuff by then if the painting gods allow. 

Jul 20, 2014

Mid-summer project review

15mm WW2
Not much done lately, just a few games that are part of an Eastern Front mini-campaign. The Russians would need more anti-tank guns. I still have a bunch of unused PSC T-34 turrets that could be fitted to Zvezda hulls.
I would also like to start a second Allied faction, either Brits or Americans. This would be done only in autumn.
Weapon ranges should be modified for the rules as I find most of them too short.

Pike and shot
Two unpainted boxes, one to be converted to pancerni cossacks and the TYW/ECW command set.

Fleet Grey - Fleet Green
The Green infantry box and the cards for TtM&B are to be finished.
The second part of the naval campaign will be fought at the end of July.

6mm Schultze-Böhnstadt
Still three packs (Flossian dragoons, SB cuirassiers, Flossian infantry) remaining plus command.

Napoleonic South American
Started painting a Tropezonian contingent but didn't get very far with them, thinking about switching to something else.

Jul 16, 2014


I have amongst the heaps of unpainted figures two little baskets that are the 'scratch baskets'. Any spare parts, sprue rubble, MDF and plasticard goes in there. This is a most useful thing. For example, I had this kit above for about 15 years now. One of my first models, an Airfix Universal Carrier with a 6-pounder gun. It was soundly beaten, too. But as I've got a lot of spare time, my little brother and I worked on it a little.

Jul 13, 2014

Brutal Lego Fighting

To be honest, I have almost given in to temptation.
I have stumbled upon One Page 40k and read a few 40k novels. Oh my. I have even started looking into cheap non-retail (read: non-GW) resources. 
And then it hit me: I can do better.
One Page 40k is good, but not beer-and-pretzels-fun-good. Not slaughter-everything-good. A fast-paced tabletop game of total slaughter IS, in fact, one page long. And then you can add all your scenarios, rules limitations and whatnot.
I have also had a lot of Lego on hand.
Thus was born One Page Sci-fi
No army lists and point limits.
No fancy mechanics.
No distinct melee and shooting.
No 9001 dice thrown at the same time.
It is bloody.
It is fun.
It is played with Lego miniatures.

In these pictures, you can observe a game where the Space Orcs defend an ancient ruins against two opposing armies. The enemy had to reach the ruins to end the game. The challenge for them was that the defender set up a series of obstacles and covers (some static shields too) the way he liked. However, the defending units were outnumbered and all armies had activations, so it was 2 enemy actions to the defender's 1. The Orcs lost but to a bloody cost. You can see that there are many types of units as it can be read in the rules.
We have also played some 'total annihilation' type games and a 'capture the flag' scenario. Since then the armies have been expanded and now any army can take up various 'mercenary' units to give way to variety as originally every army had the same number and type of units.

Jul 11, 2014

South-American ImagiNations: the background

First of all, sorry for the long absence. There is no particular reason to this other than the start of the summer holiday. I've got even more lazier than before. But there were some gaming and some new rules that will be published.
Here are a bunch of details on the two South American (or Napoleonic) ImagiNations I'll be using my 1/72 plastics for. I basically just generated some personalities to use, then started painting away the line units. The Ortosilian army's first units are now waiting to be based.  When their opponents are ready too, I'd like to play some Song of Drums and Shakos with them.