May 22, 2015

Balsa sailing ship tutorial

I don't currently have all materials available, but I will use illustrations made in MS Paint to share my secrets.
As these are gaming pieces, I started more with practice from the pre-dreads than actual knowledge. However, I have a bunch of good books (Hungarian only) and in the age of Google reference material is very easy to acquire.

May 18, 2015

The siege of Shailvascq

The Fist of Mackowskill managed to hold back the advancing Moledurssan force long enough that the Lord of Shailvascq made peace with the local Chitonet Order, offering them an alliance against the violent Blue clansmen.

May 13, 2015

Hasslefree Maika von Ostwald

She's the resin version - right after I ordered the figure the HF newsletter told the metal figure will be available. Too late for regrets.
The short version of the cause of this purchase is that I'd like to paint Landsknecht stuff, but as my budget is low, they will be a Mordheim warband instead and she will be their leader.

May 10, 2015


So after all these years I'm finally going to take the plunge and paint historically reasonable Nappies, namely Austrians. As I still have over 300 unpainted figures, the scale will be 1/72 and the rules most likely Lasalle. I was surprised to see that Lasalle is not card-driven while the later Honour games are. Of course the Kaiser's enemies will also be painted.

I'm going to use 24-men infantry and 8-men cavalry units on 5x4cm bases. The cavalry will most likely be based per horse as I have some French dragoons whom are done that way. The infantry per unit ratio is unusually large for me, playing and painting 12-men ones. Luckily most sets have six figures of each pose, so combining two sets or even four poses from the same set will not cause much trouble. 

The figures I have are the helmeted Italeri ones plus some Landwehr which can cause a little stir but I will just overlook it as I don't want to sculpt hundreds of shakos and the HäT sets are currently out of reach.
The infantry needs a bit of converting work, but it's mostly just trimming or sculpting back the helmet crests that were accidentally cut off. 

Test fitting a 24 (23, actually)-men unit on plasticard bases

For cavalry, I'm going to use a multitude of sets:
Zvezda Saxons for cuirassiers with Italeri infantry heads and minor conversion work on the vests;
Italeri Prussian dragoon bodies with helmeted head swaps for chevauxlegers/dragoons and some tinkering with the horse furniture. It's also possible that I will mix up the figures and horses from the Zvezda and Italeri sets.
Zvezda Russian hussars for the Hungarians' favourite.
I would do uhlans too but this is already too many!

I'm quite unsure about artillery, without alternatives I'm just going to use the HäT set. I have conflicting experiences with HäT figures, but they make many sets that others don't.

All I need now is someone to paint the French or do my exams instead of me so I could paint them.
To be honest, a group of Frenchmen are painted for South America and so are some Austrians, only basing is a problem. Until I have forces of playable size, there's still the opportunity to play SDS with the individually based dudes.
This is 70 Austrian figures in the process of being painted.
I can produce 2x fusilier and 1x grenadier units by combining two Italeri sets, as it turns out. And only one pose is absolutely useless (man running with one foot on the ground), and this one will either be butchered (for cavalry heads) or converted to a standard bearer (as can be seen above).

Also, if you remember my rant from March about my appliance for scholarship failing, good news: I have appealed the decision and the committee judged in my favor and nullified the first decision, so now I've got to run another round with papers and then hopefully I'll receive the sum.

May 8, 2015

The Greyhounds

Lord Moledurssan hired a group of mercenaries for his fight against the Green clansmen of Shailvascq. These men are proud of not being affiliated with any of the four clans, and wear dark grey/black clothing to emphasize that.

May 6, 2015

Lord Moledurssan and retinue

During the Methorin wars in Jackewline, an equivalent of the medieval era, the four Jackewlinese clans were effectively ruled by the eight great houses. During the wars, two rival houses, the Moledurssan of the blue clans and Maered of the greens went extinct. But at the start of the war, House Moledurssan was going strong and they launched a large (in contemporary measure) offensive against the Green castle of Shailvascq.
I am currently gaming this small campaign using Inter Arma as the rules allow a super fast setup and play. I'm always playing out a story and allow the luck factor of combat direct it more or less. 

May 4, 2015

Nova Hungaria - river shore skirmish

Song of Drums and Shakos was used to play this game with a slightly altered rule for the lieutenant's revolver.
A group of the Light Infantry company of the Vladislaus V is sent upriver on a reconnaisance mission. They are steaming aboard the freshly restored Weissland when a group of Agytpian warriors open fire on them. 

May 2, 2015

6mm Varangian/GNW Swedish beginnings & star fort

The figs are actually the remainders of the previous Baccus SYW lot. I've had a lot of spare dragoons/cuirassiers as the standard pack has 45 and I only need 39 (12 riders on four bases +1 disruption marker). Some figures are from the SYW generals lot. I decided they would be the Drabant Corps for the GNW and fulfill a similar role in the imaginary Varangian army. 
The skirmishers could be just that or dismounted dragoons depending on the scenario.

The commanders are also from the SYW lot, the standard one CIC + two notables setup. 
I used a highlight over the shaded coat, which looks better than just leaving it so. I would like to do a touching-up on the complete armies as well, but highlighting 900 figures could take some time.

The fort is made of balsa wood pieces in a very simple way. It's based on a large plasticard piece and can hold two units if they are crammed in, and I believe some cannon could be placed to the corners even then.

Apr 30, 2015

Purchase history, March+April

In March I've spent a lot of money, so the results are
many paints, glue and PVA
18" green stuff
Hasslefree and Warlord (Pro Gloria) 28mm figures
Revell Vietcong for Jazygia
1/144 planes, Revell and Zvezda
1/100 vehicles, Zvezda

In April, it's become more modest:
resupplying browns, shades, white primer, PVA
Tumbling Dice 1/4800 ships (for Jackewline/Schultze-Böhnstadt)
Baccus GNW Swedes