Sep 15, 2014

More 6mm stuff

More parts of the 6mm SYW / ImagiNations lot are completed - above, the two command stands for the Böhnstadter (left) and Flossian (right) armies. For the first game of Maurice, as advised in the rules, we're going to keep things simple so there will be no more officers and notables.

Sep 11, 2014

Guard Chasseur a Cheval

Or however you call it! This figure is from the Italeri French Staff set, and would accompany the great Bonaparte himself, had duty not called him elsewhere. He's going to be a gift, that's what the base is for.

Sep 7, 2014

Painting diary XXX.

Reducing the lead and plastic heap at a huge rate (at least by number of figures). These are Baccus SYW minis - 100 Flossian (Austrian) infantry (had one extra strip) and 42 dragoons. 

The Prussian (Böhnstadter) cuirassiers, 36 figures, still need finishing and all figures need basing. I'm totally out of plasticard after making disruption markers for the cuirassiers above. 
The infantry is one regiment (3x4 stands with two strips) and so is the dragoons (3x4 stands with 3 figures). The Böhnstadter cavalry is 2 regiments, a single-squadron Garde du Corps and a two-squadron Annelise Kuirassiers with two squadrons, four stands, three figures per stand. All bases except the artillery will be 1"x1" squares just like the ones completed before. I could have opted for broader bases or deeper ranks (two for cavalry, three for infantry) but this spares me figures and table space. 
Also bought Maurice and read through it, still have to buy the cards.

Sep 5, 2014

Organic gaming board

I usually use a bike to go to the nearest Tesco for food. It's a 5-10 minute ride. Where I park the bike before a large apartment building, the lawn looks like this. Pretty unkempt, but interesting because of the underlying hex grid. The vegetation actually fills up the little hexes to their borders and thus it would be a great gaming board to play battles on. 

Sep 1, 2014

September wish list

This post will actually help a lot to organize my shopping list. I'm going to receive payment for the summer job and then the spending spree shall begin!

Terrain & misc.
Large PVC sheet (2x1m but will last long and the price to quantity is better)
Blue foam sheets for terrain, plastic tube for a steam boat

Maurice rule set and cards (probably going to print my own)

Spray finish and primer
Multiple bottles of various Vallejo paints, washes and glazes (a large restock is needed)

Brushes, about 4-5, varying sizes (for basecoat, block, drybrush, detail, soilwork etc.)

Spending a lot on equipment and terrain does not favor this part of the list, luckily enough(?) I have ~600 figures unpainted.
Will be buying some Baccus (grenadiers, artillery) and Minden (personality packs and skirmishers) figures for Schultze-Böhnstadt, although I still have to finish about 200 of the former. I am probably going to strip the three Minden figures finished so far to paint them in a uniform style.

Aug 25, 2014

The Vladislaus V Penal Battalion

In the early 19th century, a group of Austro-Hungairan (then Austrian and Hungarian) explorers found a large island west of the African coast that they named Nova Hungaria. The few settlements have, however, soon been abandoned and the scientists and adventurers never stayed long enough to find any natural resources or inhabitants. When, after the union of 1867, a group of military men on board the SMS Archangelus landed on the north-eastern shore of Nova Hungaria, on the White Island, it was already too late - an independent and mostly roguish Russian group had already settled in some ten years before.

Aug 21, 2014

3rd blogversary

This blog is now 3 years old. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hopefully at the beginning of September I will be able to do more - (just slightly) more time and more dosh means that.

My future plans involve some Colonial gaming, finishing everything I have (just kidding), and visiting the SMS Leitha/Lajta museum ship soon.

Aug 15, 2014

Digging up old content

These photos of some of last year's games were stored on the camera for quite a while and I just found them recently. Since any other content is lacking, I'm going to post them.
Above, a 28mm SDS game featuring HäT and Alban 28mm figures.

Aug 10, 2014

Waterloo 1815 Cromwell's Cavalry

This is a first impressions post based on the Plastic Soldier Review photos (link below). I'm actually curious how their review would  judge the set.
My readers may know that I've been waiting for something to be released like this. I was secretly hoping that A Call to Arms would start producing their 54mm ECW riders in 1/72. Anyway, here's the savior(?), the photos are up on PSR (no review submitted yet). Of course they can and will be used as European reiters. This spares me a lot of work with green stuff - but not all, apparently. 
12 figures in a cavalry box is quite good (not Zvezda good, I'm so sorry they've only done one TYW set), but there is no distinctive command figure, so one must be made by converting, turning a sword arm, adding a sash etc. The sword and pistol poses seem good and all combat poses carry a firearm, but why is the third pose shooting from the saddle? You can't really make much out of it. Making a musician/standard bearer optional is also a good idea, but the number of figures in the set means this way, if one does not convert (e.g. butcher) any figures, there are nine combatants to three musicians/standard bearers; half of the figures require a standing or walking horse while the horse poses are all very dynamic (all two of them). I wouldn't judge sculpting quality based on photos so I will wait for the real evidence (holding the figures in my own hands), but two horse poses to twelve riders???
The relatively few poses mean you can't drop the shooty guy from your ranks - and you can't make a proper caracole with charging horses. A standard bearer figure could be converted to a commander (why didn't they simply include a sword arm with the set?). So besides supplying something long demanded to the masses, this set doesn't have as much merit as it first seems, especially next to the Revell TYW cavalry set and its copies. Maybe this one just set the standard really too high. 
More judgement will come as soon as I get my hands on a box.