I will upload the rules I've made to this page for an easier access. They are, of course, free to use and any criticism/ideas are welcome.

Victorious Eagle Warfare &
VEW army lists
A relatively simple and fast-paced set of Napoleonic rules, based on Easy Tricorne.

Hex Conquest &
Hex Conquest printable armies
A simple simulator for conquering barbarous hordes. Combat resolution is similar to Battles of the Riverland, and the rules include a separate chapter for setting up neutral zones and non-player factions.

Pre-dreadnought warships clash on the tabletop seas. Written for small scale models. Ships have only a few attributes, movement and combat is streamlined for a quick resolution. 

This is a rather simple game. Players fight with figures in funny hats, organized to units. Command and combat resolution is kept at a minimal complexity. 

Inter Arma WW2 updated version;
IAWW2 Quick References separate file (included in the booklet)
A World War Two skirmish game with universal unit profiles and slightly more detailed combat resolution. Written for 15mm figures, but weapons have very long relative ranges.

IA is a skirmish game with a set of core rules and expansions such as campaigns, gunpowder weapons, and setting things on fire.
Inter Arma 2.0 is near completion, but I intend to keep these old rules available.

TYW / generic campaign rules , which on many aspects overwrites IA's Campaign appendix.

With the philosophy of One Page Fleets, this is a truly one page (not like that inferior OPF that is actually two pages!) rule set that allows you to have fun and murder giant robots.

Easy Sci-Fi Campaigns is 5 pages long and is useful for conducting campaigns in space, using the rules above and One Page Fleets for space battles.

One Page Fleets advanced/optional rules, to make the game more exciting and ships customizable.

Based on the 'Portable Wargame: Ancients' rules, this game uses a square grid, individual unit stat blocks and a pool of 'Command points' for command and control to simulate warfare in a long lost age, where Crocophants ruled the wastes and the men of Hatti and the Riverland were at a bloody conflict. 

Using a hex map, this Civilization Redux-style game lets players simulate city-states, their growth and conquest. Extensive logging and calculations are required.

A simple IGOUGO game with some extra flavor for very small tables.

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