Jun 20, 2024

Suffering the Block

I bought a bunch of 17x20mm wooden blocks at Kik (a retail store of German origin that mostly sells cheap rubbish, but has a creative department). First I thought of building pike and shot armies out of the blocks, but then the project sort of stalled. 

I sold my 6mm Lace Wars / Tricorne collection some time ago, but thought about getting back to the period. So finally I used some templates from Junior General and designed the appropriately sized paper covers for the Kik blocks, sort of Commands & Colours style, with the blocks upright instead of being laid down flat. They are sturdy enough so that they don't topple over at the first touch. I might also add base extensions later.

Three blocks constitute a unit, usually with a command base at the center. This is enough to represent line, deep order and march column. Troop types are denoted by the 'figures' themselves - there are dragoons, cuirassiers, Croats and a Guard regiment on the above photo. My plan is to use these for Maurice (which requires four bases to a unit, but shall work just fine with three). They are also easy to bash together at times when I do not have the motivation to paint.

So far I designed a white, blue, red and green army (with the Rebel Lands Campaign running on my other blog in mind), and some Poles, Cossacks, Ottomans and other irregular units. I have refought the battle of Kliszów with 6mm figures once, and might just do that again soon. By the way, the scenario I designed for Kliszów using Maurice is available from the "Scenarios" page in the header if you are interested (along with a lot of others).

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