Jun 17, 2024

DIY 28mm Wasteland Reavers / Chaos Cultists / Generic Baddies

Now I wanted some opponents my Oldmarines can slay. Fortunately there are plenty of tutorials out there to show how to make Chaos cultists and such from pink foam and tissue paper, and while I did not follow them to the letter, I came up with a quick and inventive way that won't reduce one's pocket money as much as, say, buying used plastic models.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Cut a block of 4mm balsa to roughly human shape
  2. Cover it with tissue paper soaked in PVA, creating folds and such
  3. Make a Green Stuff mask (or make their cowls really low and just paint the recess black)
  4. Add some weapons
  5. Paint it
One figure on the above image is a Chaos Lieutenant, a JARMY toy figure from Tesco, with shortened legs and a GS breather added. The rest were made using the method described above. Three have bamboo stick firearms and the fourth a cardstock shield and a spare Frostgrave crewman's sword arm. 

I plan to make more of them in different colours so they can fight each other. 

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