Oct 2, 2023

Upping My Naval Game

As mentioned in the previous post, until I can purchase more ships, I'll start upgrading my current collection with more elaborate rigging and textured sea bases. The first experiments in both are on the image above.

This is actually a print I had not shown before, originally an 1/700 scale model of the 18th century Intrepid-class 74 purchased from Wargaming3D, which serves, in its up-scaled form, the Kingdom of Insolencia in my interpretation, with red hull stripes. 

Once I learned enough of running rigging to add more stuff, I followed the advice in this tutorial, mainly about coating some pieces of rigging in PVA to make them heftier and easier to shape, especially the mainsail braces and ratlines. 

I think the desired effect is achieved, especially if one compares the amount of rigging to my earlier exploits - these old ships look just a bit threadbare in comparison. This is about 3yds of thread used for a ~5" long model by the way.

This is not for the Insolencian ship but the old Worcester, which will be radically reconstructed soon (I'll shorten the hull, lengthen the prow and add more stren galleries, which in turn will necessitate re-positioning the masts as well).

I tested two methods for sea effects, this one is acrylic medium over a rougher layer of liquid putty, the other is two layers of acrylic medium. I used multiple layers of white and grey drybrushing and green and blue glazing to achieve this effect. Once it dries, I'll add the shiny varnish. I found that waiting at least a week before varnishing makes everything look better.


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