Sep 25, 2023

On a Second Thought...

So the prints for the 1/700 scale ships failed even after consulting with the service provider and sending them the FDM-specific file, which forced me to return to my 1/500ish scale ships, as printing those worked so far. Thus, instead of downscaling the 1/600 Turner Miniatures file, I'm going to scale my ADW ships up to 1/500 or so, just as the previous models. It's actually not that much of a price difference.

Being incontent with my current collection is mostly down to unfinished rigging and bases, which I'm going to remedy by taking out the collection again, and upgrading them a little bit. Some ships which were too large to keep in containers also need a good dusting off.

My plans involve adding more running rigging, ratlines from plastic broom bristles (at least to the lower parts), and texturing the sea bases with three-dimensional waves.  I'll also add some more details and highlights to the sails.My attempts with a sea effect were so far unsatisfactory (except for this one maybe), but a good amount of acrylic paste, PVA, tissue paper and such will hopefully see to that I succeed this time. 

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