Sep 8, 2023

Naval Scale Consolidation

So the sailing warships I made until recently are quite large, about 1/500 scale or so. However, my table surface is a lot smaller and the models occupy a lot of space in the hobby drawer, so I thought I should switch to a smaller scale for economic (?) reasons. Of course I've got the paper models from earlier, and they are quite fine for some action, but I just like the look of three-dimensional craft sailing on the imaginary seas.

I pondered what scale should I switch to. 1/1200 seemed too small, as I wanted nice and detailed vessels, so I settled with 1/700, the undeniable advantage of that scale being that it is supported by Warlord Games, and they can send stuff over the Channel VAT-free.

Although I prefer earlier period (17th to early 18th century) models, their standard Age of Sail ships, mostly the merchantmen (also some galleons and galleys), plus some 3D prints should suffice for the while. I have found the Turner Miniatures ADW designs, and fortunately my local on-demand 3D printing service allows me to re-scale the 1/600 models to 1/700.

For the while I do not wish to dispose of the larger ships, but it might soon come to that, once there is enough smaller models to replace them. 

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