Sep 2, 2021

Jazygian Armed Forces M3 Lee

There is no reason, other than personal preference, to include an M3 Lee in the Jazygian army. It might have been a Lend-Lease Russian vehicle passed over, or one salvaged from a Northern African battlefield. 

It's roughly 1/35 scale, and is made from cardboard, pink foam and balsa wood. There are some improvements over my scratchbuilding since the last piece, but the main goal is still not to overcomplicate these models - that would look silly next to plastic army men.



  1. You're back! I really enjoyed seeing your vehicular scratch-builds of a few years back; so it was great to see this posting. It also inspires me to revisit some 'semi-scratch-builds' that have been waiting half-done for my attention a couple of years now.

    Thank you!

    1. It is I who must thank you for the kind comment Ion - I hope I can continue the series, perhaps with some softskins. The Jazygian Army needs the materiel...