Jul 27, 2021

Roxolanian P-555 Sanktos Prokopios medium tank

To counter the Jazygian armored threat, the Roxolanian Armed Forces have come up with their own design. It is much more advanced and looks somewhat German-ish.

The P-555 is equipped with a 50mm AT gun and a pair of machine guns. Its factory paint is beige.

The only problem is with the tracks, they are way too vulnerable and often faulty. This reduces the tank's off-road ability to a degree.

The vehicle itself was made from various pieces of scratch: the main hull is a pizza box cut and folded to shape. The track guard is a piece of 1mm balsa, and the tracks themselves are from cardstock. The turret was fashioned from a milk bottle cap.


  1. A very nice piece of scratch-building.

    Regards, Chris.