Jul 6, 2021

Kontot Kombatot G-93 - Some More Versions

I've finished the model and added some quirks and features. This is the standard G-93, with a driver/commander and a HMG in the second seat.

This is the G-93a Ozmot, with a superfiring MG position (not the most comfortable arrangement for the driver), and a third crew member is added to man the 3pdr anti-tank gun. 

There is a hardtop version, the G-93b Korkodil, which is designated as a tank hunter, lacking secondary armament. 

And lastly, the G-93c Astaba, where the commander is standing in the turret, manning the 3pdr gun that has a larger field of fire, the driver takes the front position, and a HMG can also fit. 

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