Jun 11, 2021

Age of Sail printable ships

While work and studies have taken a toll on my hobby time, I've been doing a few things at my leisure. I sort of got tired of making intricate ship models, and ideas about mass producing cheap alternatives came into my mind. 

One possible solution to do this is the good old Jenga block way. I tried it a long time ago with good results. I also did very much like Master Crook's exploits on the subject of simple and good looking warship models. 

However, I'm a lazy sod, even lazier than that, so I picked up MS paint and drew some ships that can be cut out and pasted on two sides of a piece of cardboard, plasticard sheet, wood or MDF, and some rudimentary bases to support them.

Now, the period I recently became interested in is the 17th century, so the shape and colouring of these ships might not be especially to everyone's liking, but for a simple game using multiple ships, they suffice. 

Here are the completed ships for everyone's access. The folder now includes two different two-decker hull types in two fleet colours, and one three-decker. There are also four blank templates for two-and three-deckers, and a sail template. The models are mirrored, and I suggest re-scaling the images for printing: my small two-deckers are going to be 35mm long, the larger ones 40mm, and the first rates are going to be 45mm. This way, eighteen two-decker ships fit on a single A4 page. 

When I was tiny, I remember making about a hundred or so folded paper ships, drawing ship-of-the-line features on them, and fighting a large battle; that is somewhat the goal with these. I often wonder how I could play with my ships and toy soldiers without a good set of rules, but my guess is youthful imagination can easily replace charts and pages long explanations and whatnot. Anyway, just for fun, and for people who absolutely hate dice, I came up with a card mechanic to decide naval combat in the age of sail as well, and here it is, to be used with my "Simple Age of Sail" rule set acccessible from the Rules page of this blog.

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