Nov 19, 2016

Fighting Sail, Sponsored by Tesco

I've bought a ton of wooden bricks made by Tesco. They originally were a cheap Jenga copy. I can use them as terrain pieces, or other things, such as building ships of the line.

I know the background looks weird, I thought this mat would reflect the light much better. Anyway, we've fought a 150pt battle with the Fighting Sail rules. 
One side used a Dutch and another a French list from the era of the Formaggian Succession Wars. One side started in a battle line, but things escalated quickly. In the end, two red ships were sunk at the cost of one yellow-striped SOL striking its colors.


  1. Very nice András! How do you like the Fighting Sail rules?

    1. Thanks! I like them overall, very easy to play and less focus on details compared to other age of sail rules I've played.