Jun 10, 2023

Warlord Sprue Sale Loot

Not necessarily in the order I've painted these, just wanted to humble brag about them. I scored two sprues of infantry, two cavalry, one firelocks and one foot command during the Warlord Games sprue sale a while ago, and I actually managed to paint up most of the figures by now.

First I hesitated between these and the Marlburian range, but then I thought if I do 18th century I'll do pitched battles with large battalions, so 1/72 is still the way to go, and for skirmishes the ECW/TYW range is more suitable.

Now me being me, I could not pass up the chance for some conversion work, especially that there are three extra arm options for each cavalry fig. 

First up, a sergeant and five musket men of the generic mercenary type, one of them received a wide-brimmed hat instead of a cap fancied from card, and to the base of another I added a "Swedish feather".

This is the Night Watch, or the Men in Black, as you please. It can be said that I shortened every pike for storage reasons, and again, because skirmishes and large pike formations don't go very well together. One man with a musket received a cavalry sword arm, and the pikeman figure to the fore - as I was gifted an extra sprue of Macedonian phalangites (questionable choice but still pleased with it) - another sword arm and a rotella.

I painted up the two groups of cavalry in slightly different colours to be able to include them on opposing sides. These have a reddish main theme and brighter coats. I had a bit of trouble with highlighting the faces so didn't even bother with the next batch.

This is the most conversion-heavy group: back row no. 1 has his right arm replaced by a cavalry pistolier arm, and holds a drawn sword in his left; no.2 is a firelock man with a morion from the infantry sprue; no.3 has a cavalry pistol arm, hat and another rotella. Front row no.1 has a sculpted green stuff halberd instead of a pike; no.2 is the drummer from the command sprue, with a cavalry lobster helmet and some added green stuff; no.3 holds a pistol in his right and a pike in his left.

And the second batch of cavalry closes the display. Funny story: the biggest animal rescue in the country holds dog walking events every weekend, and - mainly because there is currently no place in our home for another one - my wife and I went to participate. There is a place with horses nearby and I was looking at them and thought, they are *way more* heavy on orange hues than I usually paint horses. So I tried a new recipe for bay horses on these ones and I think it worked.

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