Jun 6, 2023

Orcs and Goblins

Another batch of Reaper figs, two large resin Orcs and four metal gobbos, escorted by a pair of um, *converted* GW space Orks who left their firearms behind and turned to plain old looting.

The resin weapons were FUBAR when they arrived, so the sword Orc got a plastic weapon from the same batch as their two brethren, and for the other I fancied a spear from a paperclip and some greenstuff. The sculpts are nice and they painted up really well. One is based on a piece of MDF and the other on foamboard.

The goblins are mostly there to be kicked around by other factions, but the sculpts are cool.

(I might snap a separate pic of the plastic Orks later, but the one I made for this post turned out to be very blurry.)

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