Apr 2, 2024

Captain Kahlen and the Bog

Perhaps you are familiar with the captioned image about Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor movie (which I can't seem to find right now), where it is stated that the movie is historically accurate on two points: 1) there was a place called Pearl Harbor and 2) it was attacked.

Something similar is true about the recent Danish movie Bastarden, based on a 21st century novel, which we watched in the cinema and mostly enjoyed (the violence against animals and some extended suffering scenes were a tad outdone in my opinion), in that 1) there was a man named Captain von Kahlen and 2) he went to the Danish bogs.

Anyway, this was sort of an inspiration to build a murky bog/heathland, as I did not really have any terrain pieces that are rough going but do not limit line of sight. 

So I took a piece of 2mm MDF board I had lying around, built some pools with spackle and cork, and then painted the thing using my regular methods. The water effect is glossy acrylic medium and some varnish on top. The larger plants are from my go-to fake Ikea plant - they make good jungle pieces for small scale (such as naval) wargaming, or bamboo stalks etc. for 28mm figures.

Captain Kahlen in this image is a Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago plastic crewman figure converted with Bloody Miniatures weapons. I'll post the rest of the bunch sometime later.