May 26, 2023

Schultze-Böhnstadt Navy Frigates

The Schultze-Böhnstadt Navy was originally to be comprised of three vessels of the same class, but as it usually happens with government purchases (believe me, I have the experience), not everything turned out the way the mighty Princeps Erhard Berthold von Jazygen wanted.

Thus happened that of the planned class of three similar ships, one became a razée of 40 guns, modernized to the standards of the day and packing quite a punch; one more of a ship-rigged sloop with a heavy battery, but still having an open deck; and the last one a quite old vessel purchased from the Glambrian East Continent of Rot Company, or shortly CCOGG.

SMS Jagdhund, the largest of the three.

SMS Dachshund, a sleek vessel not only for hunting foxes.

And SMS Schweinhund, the obnoxious little sister nobody really likes.

Jagdhund and Schweinhund are 3D printed by an on-demand local service, Dachshund is scratchbuilt. The plans are from Wargaming 3D's free STL files, blown up to 150% to fit my other injection-moulded plastic hulls. The ensigns, sails, masts and rigging are hand-made from various materials, mostly bamboo skewers and faux satin cloth.

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