Sep 2, 2020

Regia Marina Battlefleet

To the threat of Friegland increasing the number of dreadnought battleships, the Royal Cartelucian Navy must respond. In real life, these are the Conte di Cavour- and Andrea Doria-class battleships, between which there is an ignorable difference in my preferred 1/2000 scale. They are going to be reinforced by the Dante Alighieri and the Francesco Caracciolo-class later at some point. 

They are well-built ships carrying 13 guns each in a quite extraordinary arrangement, I guess they tried to one-up the Viribus Unitis class which had 12. We shall see how they perform in combat soon hopefully, something they were not accustomed to during WW1.


  1. Nice work. Really like the look of them. Also a small detail but I really like how you've painted the wave effects on the base.

  2. Impressive scratch-building again, Andras!