Jul 29, 2018

Merchant ship building, Day 4

I'm painting the separate pieces while the hull dries. A very simple scheme on the guns, brown carriages, natural steel fittings and brass barrels.

I prime the ship using a black craft store acrylic paint, and dark brown for the deck.

This is followed by a semi-dry layer of dark/chocolate brown craft store paint.

Two layers of drybrushing comes next, after which, to tone it down and give the hull an aged look, I splash on a thin coat of sepia glaze made from VMC black glaze and VMA mahogany.

I add some variety to the hull by highlighting these lines and do a more reddish brown on the gunports.

The deck is painted VMC Medium Fleshtone then drybrushed with a beige-ish color.

The inside of the planking receives two layers of a sort of clay-colored brown (a recipe I cannot reproduce). Some edge highlights are added to the top of the planking. 

I use a color similar to flat earth on the wheel and the compass, and then the pair of cannon are glued inside the hull at their respective gunports.

As it's not much sculpting-wise, I do some freehand on the stern. It's more or less symmetrical patterns.

It's time to start building the masts - I'm quite exhausted, so it shall wait a little.