Jun 2, 2018

The next project - 1806 Prussians

I already have two obscure armies for my 1/72 Napoleonics, early Spaniards and Ottomans, and I'd like to continue the tendency, so I started assembling an 1806 Prussian army:

  • Generals will be made out of Italeri Austrian officers.
  • HäT sets actually run at very low prices, like 5£ for a box, so I bought three boxes of infantry, two line and one fusiliers (that's nine units of 16 figures each).
  • Also laid my hands on three boxes of Italeri Prussian cavalry, of which a dozen will be Austrian dragoons with head swaps and the rest Prussian cuirassiers and dragoons as well.
  • I have some gunners left from those I used for Spaniards, and the Spanish crews and guns can easily be used.
  • Revell SYW Prussian hussars will do just fine as their 1806 counterparts, I'm painting up two units of six riders each.

I also stockpiled more Napoleonics in general, including more HäT sets, some French foot dragoons and a few more Ottomans.

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