Jun 3, 2018

Landsknecht Command

Here's a sample of what I have been painting recently: a bunch of various Renaissance characters. 28mm figures take more time to paint , but hopefully there is a return in the quality.

Two Warlord/Pro Gloria metal figures in the foreground and three plastics in the back. As the Perry and Warlord plastics are compatible, I made lots of swaps for maximum diversity. The figure on the left has a Perry foot knight's arm with an ahlspiess and a Perry head on a Warlord armored body. The middle one is a Perry body with a Warlord head and commander's arms. The rightmost is made of Warlord parts and waves a hand-painted flag.

Four Steel Fist foot knights. I started with a very dark metallic on these and did lots of drybrushing on the armor to show the fluting. I also tried to enhance their character by adding small bits to their bases, like crossbow bolts driven to the ground or equipment left behind by the enemy.

These are all plastic figures. In the foreground, the figure on the left has the Perry mercenary commander's arms on a Warlord body and head, and the one to the right is a Perry body with Warlord arms and helmet. 
In the background, there are three Perry foot knight bodies. The two on the extreme left and right have the arms from the mercenaries box, and the second from the left has a greatsword from the Warlord Zweihänders box. The second figure from the right has the body and arms from the mercenaries set, and the head from the mounted men-at-arms.
I'm still experimenting with painting full plate to find the right tone of wash and the right amount of drybrush highlights, unfortunately the next pair of boxes (WotR infantry and foot knights) had not yet arrived.


  1. Lovely, lovely work Andras! These are superb!

  2. These look excellent. There is quite a variety in paint schemes I have some figures which are wearing similar attire and can't decide on a colour scheme.

    1. Thanks! Well a two-color paint scheme is quite easy, since then I moved on to three and that's a lot more difficult.

  3. Dear Admiral, sir. You have definitely gotten your painting skill(s) nailed down real tight. Salute!