May 24, 2018

Ottomen on the Horizon

(For the less linguistically inclined, Ottomen is the plural of Ottoman.)

I have not been as idle in recent times as the lack of updates suggests. I suspect mainly the fact that the camera is still broken deters me from taking loads of pictures. Anyway, the Napoleonic Ottoman army is almost complete (which army ever is?), so I thought I'd take them out to the sun and show them to the world.

Three light infantry units, Esci Muslim warriors and HäT Zouaves as Balkan infantry or somesuch. I kept the rest of the Esci figures on single bases, but they may be used as a mob or another unit of sharpshooters.

Two units of camelry, HäT Mahdist rebellion figures with spears, swords and jezails. I switched some spears to Gripping Beast plastic spears cut down to proper length as they were very flimsy.

A unit of Nizam i Cedid using HäT and Italeri zouaves, and two units of rather ancient looking Janissaries (I only trimmed off the cord of their matchlocks).

Four units of Mamelukes, from a new and a used Italeri set. The rearmost unit may be used as Napoleon's Guard Mamelukes as well.

Three very old brass cannon with some rocks used for cover. The patina effect was done with mixing metallics and green acrylics. (Orion Cossack and ACtA ECW guns with HäT, Esci and Zvezda crew)

Zvezda officers utilizing the new tufts I bought at a friendly railroad modelling shop.

You vcan also note in the background that I finished drybrushing and basing most of the Chinese palm trees. As I did not want to waste coins on them, and now have an abundance of plasticard, the solution was simple: I based them in pairs and threes on the plasticard bits.

Although the army may not entirely be historically accurate, I think it's more important that they look rather exotic and different. I do more or less have an idea how to represent their fighting capabilities, but, again, I could not find too many sources.