Jun 23, 2018

Purchase history, June

So this month has been somewhat of a spending spree, with a huge expansion of my 1/72 Napoleonic collection:

Three boxes of Italeri Prussian cavalry (to be used as Austrian dragoons and Prussian line cavalry)
One box of Italeri Austrian&Russian staff (for the helmets and 1806 Prussian staff)

Two boxes of HäT Austrian infantry
A box of HäT Austrian cuirassiers

A box of Hät Cossacks
A box of Zvezda Russian Guard artillery (re-issue)

A box of HäT Württemberg Dragoons
A box of HäT Württemberg artillery

Two boxes of HäT 1806 Prussian infantry
A box of HäT 1806 fusiliers

A box of HäT Spanish grenadiers
A box of HäT Spanish light infantry

Right now I'm using a reserve computer as my main laptop failed, and it had all the pictures on it, so I'm not sure when I will be able to update the blog again. Also I've started looking for a new used car.


  1. Your Laptop failed. I feel for you as the same happened to me a while back. I too lost a lot of Pictures and data. Now I store all my pics onto a USB stick in files and copy them again onto another stick to be double safe.

    1. Well technically the HDD is intact, so nothing is lost, but it's going to take some time until I can get it repaired.

  2. Plenty to keep you busy hobby wise! Know the feeling with stuff failing we've been inundated with vet bills and having to buy a new car for the good lady as hers packed up and wasn't worth fixing.