Jul 21, 2018

Purchase history, July & Progress Report

Most of it is not hobby-related as I bought a used car and a pair of synthetic rapiers.
I have a new laptop with an SD card reader, so I only have to take new photos of the two hundred or so figures not yet shown here.
There was a -25% sale in a local modelling shop so I ordered a mixed bag of figures & Vallejo paints:
  • Caesar WW2 resisters and zombies (for modern fun games)
  • Waterloo1815 Anglo-Egyptians to be used as various colonial auxiliary forces
  • Heller's Le Superbe in 1/150 scale, a kit I've been drooling over for a while now.

The 1806 Prussian army's core is almost complete, I need to paint one more line infantry unit, then purchase some elites (grenadiers, Jäger, Schützen). They're going to have two units of Cuirassiers, three Dragoons, two Hussars, six line infantry, two or three Fusiliers and then the rest. I've completed some Austrians and various Rheinbund units as well, if time and the weather allows I'll start uploading the results soon.


  1. Nice to catalog your recent purchases. I would love to see the rapiers too!

    1. Thanks, I think I shall make a separate post of our arsenal as well :)