Jun 7, 2018

More men-at-arms

With this, 11 of 12 Perry riders are complete. They are very fun to assemble and paint. I believe this time there are no mis-matched left and right arms as well.

 These should complement the light horse set nicely.

What to say about the rest? They all have full plate, but most of the horses are unarmoured. For the most part I painted the metallics first, black washed the necessary parts, gave it a gentle drybrush and then followed with the rest, but I found out that a gunmetal basecoat, natural steel drybrush and then a brown wash does the same with less fuss.


  1. Very nice-looking figures. For metal plate I simply use gloss black and silver mixed, go easy on the black unless you're using the blacked armour of the Austrian Imperialists. I have found the result requires neither drybrushing, highlighting or inking, and it looks like burnished metal.

    I use the same technique for the barrels of muskets and rifles, more for the dramatic effect than for realism, and for swords, bayonets and spear points.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I guess if it's not full plate or the scale is smaller, I wouldn't bother so much, but these figs fall into both categories, so the look is more important.

  2. Dynamic and beautiful looking cavalry!