Dec 10, 2017

Jazygian IS-3

This is a Roden kit I got at a Black Friday sale. I'm going to use it with the modern Jazygian collection. I used a dark olive undercoat, a brown wash, two layers of drybrush and some Vallejo dust pigment - the overall picture is quite good I believe.

As I'm not primarily a model maker, I hate track assemblies. The same thing can be made from a lot less pieces, and more pieces mean more possibility for error.
This model held up to its age quite OK, but still was not a pleasant experience. (I also bought an ICM BTR-60 at the same sale, and really had to work the wheels to make everything fit.)


  1. Very nice job of painting. The weathered and worn look are super nice, Admiral.

  2. You made the rank of admiral at JME with the brilliant scratchbuilt fleets of outer space and ocean going ships. If you rumble around in AFVs you are nevertheless remembered as The Admiral. Salute!!