Dec 6, 2017

Pirate Party

Finally, they are here. A band of seven nasty pirates (one for each sea I guess). I have also made stats for them in Flashing Steel.

Six figures are from the Zvezda GNW Swedish artillery box, and one is from their Russian counterparts I found lying around. They were given various weapons and I modified a few poses as well - separate arms are useful for this kind of work.

As you can see, I went for as little uniformity as possible, and also tried to paint their coats a darker color with more prominent highlights, so the details would be more visible. They were fun figures to paint, especially considering that I had to make up a back story for each character as I went.

Here's the stat lists and information on the band (from left to right):

Wilhelm the Slicer
Q4+ C4 53pts
Sword (other), Murderous, Physician

Wilhelm was a surgeon in the Flossian regular navy. After returning from a Pacific voyage, he was given a commission aboard the flagship of the fleet, while being told he was not allowed to bring his three lady acquaintances with him. He made a run for it. 
Wilhelm always carries a razor sharp cutlass and his surgeon's equipment with him, variously used for torturing enemies and cutting off an ally's limbs in order to save their lives.

Prince Augustus of Bohemia
Q4+ C4 66pts
Carpenter's Axes (acts as Sword), Main-Gauche, Hatred (Gentry), Musket lt.
Prince Augustus likes to brag about his family background as Central European royalty, yet controversially hates all persons of high social status. He is never taken on a mission which aims to capture and ransom high ranking enemies: they would be dead in seconds. 

Uthi, Freed Slave
Q4+ C3 51pts
Hatred (Slavers, Frenchmen), Polearm (Boarding pike), Musket lt.

Uthi was freed during a raid on Atlantic commerce. He was bound for the French West Indies to work on a plantation. As it turns out, he was a great warrior in his tribe, and was formally freed by the Commodore after maiming a few pirates with a wooden stick. He owes Smith a debt of gratitude, and also finds him a great asset in his quest to hunt Frenchmen.

Commodore Hannibal Smith 
Q3+ C4 80pts
Hero, Leader, Sword (other)

'Commodore' Smith began his naval career as a whaleboat captain in the Americas. For a crime he does not wish to disclose, he was imprisoned, and then promptly escaped from a maximum security Boston Bay stockade. 
He is known on the high seas for his tenacity and extreme tacical skill. He is admired by his fellow pirates and feared by his enemies.

Thorbjörn the Dim
Q5+ C6 66pts
Brawler, Musket Lt., Strong, 2-handed Boarding Axe (acts as Maximise Weapon)

Thorbjörn has spent his childhood as a farmhand on the family plot. He has shown feats of extreme strength since the age of three, paired with a devilish appetite. He was kicked out of the house after his parents could not feed him any more. 
Besides his muscle power, he also has a very small brain, therefore he is unable to understand the concept of fear. This makes him the perfect pirate to be in the vanguard of boarding actions. However, in order to be really effective, he needs constant guidance in a fight (with orders shouted loudly, such as 'Chop that man in half!').

Don Diego
Q4+ C4 73pts
Blur of Steel, Dashing, Main Gauche, Rapier

A Spaniard of few words, Don Diego is rumoured to have served in the prison galleys of the Levant. He was only seen to lose his temper once: as a result, several people died. An old school fencer, he trusts the tradition of the rapier and Vizcaína dagger.

Vincenzo Santorini
Q4+ C3 64pts
Blunderbuss, Grenades, Sword (other)

A blunderbuss has 2 Short range bands, +3 +2. It cannot be aimed. It may be used to launch grenades. Grenades can be thrown separately with the same rules and a 1" blast radius (similarly to the rule Double Pistols). Friendly and enemy targets are also hit. A blunderbuss may deal damage to all enemies within 1" of each other when loaded with birdshot, nails etc.

Vincenzo had left South Formaggia after his family home had mysteriously burned down. He trained with an old alchemist since an early age, and reputedly knows the secret of making... more gunpowder from less gunpowder. Quality may vary.