Aug 17, 2017

A Napoleonic Overview

For the lack of a better post, here's the list of all the Napoleonic figures which I have completed to date (or are in the making).

Here's a few remarks before we start:
  • All armies need more artillery for a decent grand-tactical game.
  • The Austrians are the most numerous (if we count the French only by themselves, and do not include their allies), which is good.
  • The British army is really not in my interest, so it is as it is.
  • The French have the most cavalry, but perhaps too many reserve formations (and I've just bought some Grenadiers á Cheval).
  • As you can see, after a while I was quite fed up with all the French infantry in blue, so I added a lot of allied infantry to the mix. I think it was a good decision - different uniforms help differentiate between raw and experienced units, while adding visual variety to the wargames table.
  • I was surprised at how small the Russian army is, even with the militia boost they received. Of course there is little chance the entire thing would be fielded at once. I'm on the hunt for the Zvezda foot artillery.
  • The Spaniards are really a pet project, I should add more light infantry and grenadiers, but that's it.
  • It seems that my original plan to use 6- and 10-figure cavalry units has paid off, as I can field more units and the infantry/cavalry ratio is usually right, not so much on the individual army level, but across the entire collection.

Total: 248 infantry, 62 horse, 5 guns plus crew

4x24 and 1x16 Line infantry
1x24 and 2x16 Grenadiers

2x16 and 2x12 Grenz (plus 6 Skirmish markers)
2x24 Landwehr (Spanish militia may also be used)
2x16 Insurrectio
1x8 Jäger

3x6 Hussars
1x6 Insurrectio horse
1x6 Chevauxleger
1x6 Dragoons
1x10 Uhlans
2x8 Cuirassiers

1 howitzer and 4 guns with ~15 crew and limbers

Total: 48 infantry, 12 horse

3x16 Highlanderss
2x6 Heavy Dragoons

Total: 236 infantry, 96 cavalry, 5 guns with crew

2x16 Early infantry (may be used as Rheinbund Hessians)
2x16 Late infantry (from two different Italeri sets - an extra one WIP)
2x12 Voltigeurs (Zvezda and HäT) (plus a dozen or so Skirmish markers)
4x16 Line infantry (HäT 1808-12)
1x24 Line Grenadiers (HäT)
2x24 Old Guard infantry (Zvezda and Airfix)

5x6 Dragoons
3x6 Line Chasseurs á Cheval
1x10, 1x6 Cuirassiers
1x6 Hussars
1x6 Guard Chasseurs á Cheval
1x8 Guard Lancers
2x6 Carabiniers á Cheval

5 guns with 29 crew and 4 limbers

French allies
Total: 136 infantry, 24 cavalry

Grand Duchy of Warsaw: 2x6 Lancers, 3x16 infantry

Italy: 2x16 infantry (may also double as Rheinbund Saxons)

Bavaria: 6 chevaulegers, 6 cuirassiers, 16 infantry (another 32 WIP)

Other Rheinbund: a 24-figure unit of Berg infantry

Swiss: 1x16 infantry

Total: 172 infantry, 40 cavalry, 4 guns

2x16 Guard infantry (Zvezda)
4x16 Line infantry (Italeri)
1x12 Jäger

4x16 Opolchenie

1x10, 1x6 Guard Cuirassiers
2x6 Hussars
2x6 Cossacks

2 howitzers, 2 cannon with 8 crew

Total: 120 infantry, 36 cavalry, 4 guns with crew

3x16 regular infantry
3x16 militia/regular infantry

2x12 Guerillas

1x6 mounted Cazadores, 2x6 Hussars, 3x6 Dragoons (the dragoons may also be used as Rheinbund cavalry)

4 field guns with 12 crew and 2 limbers

Artillery Reserve
15 horses to be used with any artillery

This brings up the total figure count in this scale and period to 960 infantry, 270 cavalry, and 18 cannon with limbers and crews.

This excludes all the staff, plus parts of the Pile: 20-30 Russian infantry, 16 Italeri French, 32 HäT Bavarians, six Zvezda Polish Lancers and a dozen or so Italeri hussars.