Aug 18, 2017

Expansion Plans

Following the previous post (and there's more in the making with pretty pictures), I have checked the Pile, and decided that the following things must happen with the Napoleonic collection:

Austrians: more artillery - basically any artillery would do. The HäT sets are and obvious choice; another, less obvious one is the Italeri French Guard Artillery (the Esci remake) - the figures need bicornes, but the Gribeauval guns may pass as Austrian.

French - I have one more unit's worth of Italeri figs, should swell the ranks of the line. No big plans here.

Russians - I will be able to complete two units of Opolchenie, two units of Jäger, a six-figure Guard Lancer group from the Pile, and may use the Italeri French hussars both as Russians and Hungarian Insurrectio with some minor inaccuracies nobody will be able to identify from a distance. Of course the Italeri riders have flat-top shakos, so they will be more suitable for the 1805-7 period. 
My plans still include purchasing the Zvezda foot artillery box, and I'd like to see some dragoons as well.

Spanish - the same as before, grenadiers and cazadores once I have the reserve money and patience - it may require time.

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