Aug 13, 2017

Light cavalry

As soon as I could gather enough painted figures for two or three posts, all the rechargeable batteries in the household ran out. I could snap six photos of these, and after ditching half of them, I came up with this post here.

You can see a unit of Spanish hussars (Zvezda Prussians) on the director's left, and Hungarian Insurrectio (Italeri French hussars on Esci horses) on the right.

Now that I stripped the Zvezda figures and painted them for a second time - they won't be winning any gold medals, but they are a solid set nonetheless.

The soft plastic Esci nags are a bit wobbly, I strengthened their legs as much as I could with green stuff, superglue and ballast.


  1. Very nice! Whenever I hear people sneer at plastic figures, I think of work like yours--nothing in metal looks any better!

    Best regards,