Jun 19, 2017

The French & Friends

Let me showcase a few more bods in blue: mainly French infantry, and then some Bavarian Cuirassiers.

These are Italeri early French figures, not the prettiest, and of limited use in my current exploits, but I could get away with explaining the bicornes if I needed more of them.

These twelve Voltigeurs were dug up from the bottom of The Heap. Most of them missed backpacks, which I replaced with sculpey pieces.

This command stand has a fifer, an engineer and an officer of the Old Guard. It can be added as an extra base to any unit.

I could see limited use to all of the Italeri Carabiniers a Cheval, and from a distance, these look much the same - I definitely lack Rheinbund troops and some of them are quite interesting.

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