Jun 16, 2017

Some Austrians

With the stuff found at the bottom of The Heap and the freshly bought box of Austrians, I was able to complete two 16-figure units, and a third, 24-figure one is in the making. I'm also thinking about updating the existing bods with a white highlight, as they might seem too dull in comparison with these brighter ones. 

Readers with better eyesight may be able to spot a cardboard building in the background, which is a not very accurate representation of the Kismegyer farmhouse, based on the single historical painting and my visitation of the site.

One unit is mixed, they wear green facings. I had to use the running pose, but I'd rather have chosen to make a casualty or skirmisher out of it. Alas, there are not enough figures in the box to do that.

And this represents a converged grenadier battalion, although the figures all have violet facings. There is a drummer included from the HäT Landwehr set, but he does not look very much out of place.

Despite the popular image, as I've found out, the facings were rather diverse, and one has enough of scarlet/red at a certain point, so after these chaps with green and violet, the last big battalion will have golden yellow as their designated color.