Jun 27, 2017

More Austrians

Here's a few more figures for the 1809 project. In the foreground, a unit of Hungarian Insurrectio foot and two Grenzer, in the back, a 24-figure battalion of regular infantry in helmets.

I think the camera focused on the whites so not much can be seen here.

Both the Grenz and Insurrectio are HäT figures. I can't complain about the quality. These are 1805 Russians with the plumes trimmed off (the bundle is not entirely accurate, but who knows), while the Grenz are 1806 Prussian Fusiliers.

I intend to make one more unit of Insurrectio out of this box, and another of Hungarian regulars. There will be 12 bases of Grenzer in total, two 12-figure and a 16-figure unit.

The very elegant Italeri figures have yellow cuffs and a hand-painted flag.

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