Jun 13, 2017

Here be Dragons

 OK, it's an old joke, but please overcome the pain and inspect these eighteen Italeri French dragoons instead. One of them rides a Zvezda horse, and I suspect the bright violet facings should be more pink.

Buying and painting this set in such a short order was inspired by the fact that I only have had a dozen or so before, and let's be honest, they were quite numerous. Then I also have the idea to do a second refight of Raab, either using Blücher or something smaller in scope, and the French cavalry present there consisted almost exclusively of dragoons IIRC.

I've found that painting horses a darker brown (VMC Leather Brown mixed with VMA Burnt Umber for the red hue) is more pleasing to the eye, so I'll stick with that for now.

Another comment I'd like to make about this set is that I find it weird that only two figures have their muskets - and I removed those because the pose was odd, and added toothpick swords instead.
Other heavy cavalry sets, notably their earlier Carabiniers, have the firearms worn over the sling, which is quite the opposite of what common sense would dictate (eg. dragoons having the musket at hand, and heavy cavalry relying more on the sword).