Dec 4, 2016

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

As the title says, I've begun a hefty re-basing venture, and these early 18th century units were the first in a long line. 
Why do this, some might ask: well, I've got tired of moving each figure individually, and they're still quite suitable for smaller skirmishes (not to mention that I still have a large bunch of them on single bases).
The 12-figure foot dragoon unit received a fourth base, with a brand new painted figure holding a horse.

These were mounted on 20mm square bases, so I just glued four of them on a piece of card 35mm square.

The 12-man storming party was distributed among four bases.


  1. Looks pretty good! The addition of a little extra flocking can disguise the joins and help strengthen the combined base.

    1. Thanks! Not sure how visible they are in real life, but yes, it's a problem, especially with Strelets figures.