Dec 1, 2016

6mm Freikorps

With a running 'virtual' campaign, my focus turned on the various irregular elements of 18th century armies. To keep up with the topic, I quickly made up two 10-figure horse Freikorps units from the spares I had. This also served as practice as I had not painted 6mm troopers for a good while now!
I used British dragoons for the first (Freikorps Bauschmertzen) and French hussards for the second (Freikorps Puttenfrott) group.

I used a white primer, dunked in a chocolate brown glaze, a flat earth drybrush, then just picked up the raised surfaces with one or two layers of base color. I think it worked pretty well.


  1. Very nice work, the bases look excellent and draw them all together from a distance - but of course the models themselves are painted really well. Nice and bold, they're going to look great on the table!