Dec 7, 2016

Formaggian Honor Guard

Some fresh and some older figures in this post: the last GNW figures from the big Strelets box, and a group of Zvezda SYW Prussians in very bright uniforms, rebased as a part of the bigger project.

Two more figures, a pikeman and a Zvezda dragoon were added to the lot to complement the 12-figure unit.

These were originally meant to be GNW Russian grenadiers in weird leather hats, they form the Guard Grenadiers of the Parmigiano Pretorian Cohorts. 

As the title of the post says, both units would be part of the larger Pretoriani organization, the ceremonial guard & garrison of the capitol of Quattro Formaggi, the imaginary land south of Schultze-Böhnstadt.

I'm running a tabletop campaign on the S-B blog, and a virtual prelude to this one, and the Pretorian Cohorts have already surrendered, been disbanded, then reformed multiple times during the Formaggian Succession Wars - when I'm finished with it, I might just publish the entire campaign log to show how bloody these imaginary wars can be.