Nov 28, 2016

GNW Swedes, part the ten thousandth

I've completed two more units of foot and rebased the Västerbotten unit for my 1/72 Swedes. I also converted/sculpted a unit of horse.

I have used multiple layers of yellow on these, I think it turned out right.

There's a spare Russian dragoon figure in the center, leading the others on. 

Four of the riders are Strelets figures, receiving the heat treatment for a more moderate pose, GS hats on some and their swords replaced. The other four are my own green stuff sculpts, pretty OK considering I did nothing of the sort for a long while.

These are the sculpted figures, they fit the Strelets ones quite nicely.

I have bought a group of Italeri Prussian riders, no sure if I should add more GS magic and convert them for the GNW, or replace the headgear and just use them as Austrian cheveauxlegers. I could always use the Cossacks of Mazepa as second-rate allied Swedish cavalry :)