Jun 3, 2016


After breaking up the 3-day interval between posts again, this time because I've ran out of painted stuff, here are five Plastic Soldier Company 15mm StuG models: one early and one late variant, plus one StuH and the two remaining ordinary, sad little StuGs because they did not receive anything special except schurzen.
I primed the models white, then used VMC German Orange Ochre as a basecoat, over which I added a primitive ambush camo, blended in with a black wash and a gentle drybrush with VMC Buff, which highlights the edges of the hull and works as an all-round weathering material for lazy people like myself.
I've also glued dried tea filter stuff on some vehicles, and paper pieces for tarps on others, so they're quite diverse (as a German force should be in terms of vehicle variants).