Jun 6, 2016

SMS Brandenburg

I was searching other nations' fleets besides the ones I already built ships from, and happened upon this class, rather modern looking in pre-dreadnought terms, with a nice tumblehome build and three turrets (which is more than two, but the French are overdoing it). And it's one of the happier stories as the class served in the Turkish navy in the Great War instead of being just scrapped when the Kriegsmarine was done with them.

The hull is built of two 5mm balsa wood pieces and a 1mm plasticard sheet in the aft. The forward superstructure is 2mm plasticard, the one to the rear is 5mm balsa and plasticard, with a 1mm plasticard bridge connecting them over the central turret. The turrets are also balsa. 
Period photos did show little of the superstructure, and blueprints were not clear, so most of it is guessing. She (I think it should be a male pronoun in German) received a VMC Sky Grey main color and a buff deck, which was also a guess, as there were no photos of it, or of any models at all, which I don't really understand as it's a really interesting design .

Next up is a pair of Russian armored cruisers, which are sort of pretty, being of the older, three masts, central batteries style.