May 31, 2016


Sometimes I feel necessary to put things in order on the screen to achieve the same effect in my head. This time it's about next month, as I have completed most of my 6mm stuff, and honestly, a break would be nice, both from the scale and the period.

For this, scratchbuilding the pre-dread I have started is one of the best choices. It was calming to work on the previous ones: the hull on this ship is shaped more or less, so the harder part is done. This is the third mystery ship, so you can still guess which one it is. (The original clue was: it's better to have more than two turrets, but the French are overdoing it.)

After the mystery ship is completed (or even before), I'd like to build the two outdated Russian cruisers Dmitri Donskoy and Vladimir Monomakh in 1/600, which are very simple to make, being broadside-armed, and would fit the South American imagi-nations theme well.
If I hadn't known better, I would seriously consider a 1/600 Tsushima project, but seeing that finishing one Mikasa took me five days, well...

I still have six units' worth of Baccus SYW French, two infantry groups primed, and it would take about a day or two to finish them and have them ready for the big tabletop event at our home between 6-10 June.

I was playing with the idea of purchasing two playable-size Lasalle armies from Commission Figurines' 6mm MDF dudes. These two armies would cost 25 pounds together. The problem is that it's a 'new' scale, as I have no other 6mm Napoleonics, and I'm wary about such things. On the other hand, these would also allow me to play C&C Napoleonics without the cost of purchasing the board game, which is quite pricey.

Instead, the more logical choice is to expand on the 1/72 Napoleonics. One Lasalle light cavalry brigade can be made from two boxes of Italeri hussars and chasseurs, and the Zvezda stockist has the French foot artillery, plus as a core I already have a hundred HäT figures. Fortunately I do not require as many figures as I originally thought, as the French foot battalions in Lasalle are only four bases "strong", not six.
I'd also like to add grenz/insurrectio units to the Austrian army, but I have found none of the HäT sets available, so I'm most likely going to email the manufacturer to see if they have any.
After some initial playtesting with tricorne armies, I'm revising the draft of my Napoleonic rules. If everything works properly, these rules could be played with a smaller amount of figures than Lasalle, and would be more flexible.

Expanding the GNW Swedish army is currently sidelined: I might just complete the figures already purchased.

As a least likely choice, I also thought about buying a big bag of army men and building some technicals for AK47 Republic-style conflicts.


  1. Wow András, that are a lot of things to do! Can't wait to see the result of all of this!


    1. Thanks, it might take some time, I'll be busy :)