May 18, 2016

The Saxon Muster

One more infantry and two cavalry units were completed, bringing the GNW Saxon army to a playable size in Maurice... All I need now is an opponent.

The original setup looked like this:
NA Cavaliers 9 - 9
4x ART 10 - 19
6x RI Trained 36 - 55
1x RI Conscript 4 - 59
6x RC Trained 36 - 95
+ upgrade 2 cavalry to Elite 5 - 100
+1x mercenary RI Trained when attacking
Army Morale 13

As you can see, I switched up the composition so I have seven cavalry and six infantry units. I'm out of infantry figures, so it's going to stay like this until I buy another few boxes of Zvezda foot figures.

There are actually six cannon painted in black and yellow, and only four in the OOB, but I wanted to show off all types, together with the ammunition wagon (?) and all the horses I could find.

Three units of Zvezda cavalry, the rearmost from the Swedish box, and the middle one finished latest.

It was pretty complicated to get a good shot of all the infantry.

CiC and notable figures with the latest infantry unit in the centre. I had to sculpt hats on the kneeling Zvezda figures and mix them with Strelets ones. Out of two Zvezda boxes came 86 figures and 96 is required for six units of sixteen men - the Strelets figures come from the spares of the Court of Peter the Great box (of which I already built three 16-man units, one Bavarian and two French), and the pikemen from the Guard of Peter the Great set. 

Strelets horse, with the newest unit at the front. One figure has a kartuz (the Russian version as he's a Russian dragoon).

And the seventh, mixed unit was shown earlier, they will be one of the Elite horse, representing the cavalry guard.

I wrote first about this project on October 13 last year, and published photos of the first figures on the 25th of the same month. Seeing it virtually complete fills my heart with joy.