May 15, 2016

The Complete Ottoman Army

"OK, at this point he's really showing off", readers might say looking at the picture above, but don't forget that 1) there were already two posts that included some of the material above, 2) I'm never going to field all of these in one battle.

Let's make a final tally:
  • 4 elephants (H&R)
  • 8 guns with 32 crew (Baccus)
  • 8+1 officers (including Cleric marker) (Baccus)
  • 192 infantry (Baccus)
  • 96 cavalry (H&R)
  • 84 irregular infantry (H&R),

425 figures and models in total, maybe a bit larger than some European chunks of the collection, but not that huge, especially considering how fast I painted the H&R figures up. 

The cavalry are Pancerni and Crusader-era horse, the latter in turbans, but only one pack of 24 riders. I thought the pancerni would make better spahis.

As explained before, I plan to field the Janissaries as elite regular infantry, the hard core of my fighting force. The rest of the setup should be a Feudal national advantage, and either Clerics or Skirmishers, depending on the enemy, which would also determine if I took more irregular infantry or cavalry.

The Baccus Levant infantry figures are quite large and cast with the figures facing each other's backs, so they are in a less tight formation than the Janissaries. This would allow me to field them both as regulars or irregulars.

This horde of irregular infantry is the H&R Pathan tribesmen set, with one painted-up as allies to the British on darker brown bases. It's also worthy of mention how much better the MDF bases are, first of all because they are neatly cut, and second because they soak up paint on the edges so it won't chip away like on plasticard. (These are 25mm square, 3mm thick, supplied by Warbases.)

The buildings are all scratchbuilt, the minaret tower made of a pen, the domes from wooden beads and the large one from a roll-on deodorant bottle. The rest is the usual cardstock I have lying around, from figure boxes and various other sources.

Command figures with Imam Ali who has a Giant Dice at his disposal.

The elephants are from the H&R Ancients range, something to add more diversity. I think they look like Afican elephants, but from a very long distance it's not that visible, and from up close, well, you tend to be less concerned about the size of the ears when an elephant is charging you.


  1. Awesome! What a fabulous collection András.

  2. That's really impressive András! Hopefully they'll bring you many victories.

    1. Thank you, a glorious defeat is just as good :)

  3. As the others said this is really impressive! Thanks for sharing your collection with us!