May 20, 2016

Purchase history, May

I have spent little on wargaming-related articles this month, but a lot more on other hobby stuff. This included stocking up on ammo for my pellet and airsoft pistols, and buying a good length of paracord for a crossbow. No, I'm not preparing for the zombie apocalypse or the imminent occupation of our country by George Soros, even if our government is currently under the assumption the latter is inevitable. It's just that good weather is finally here and I feel more confident for some backyard target shooting.
I have bought a navy hat to command my pre-dreadnoughts, and some polyhedral dice for a role-playing game I've just come up with. I'll share it at a later date.
I have restocked plasticard and some paints, but will have to purchase more as my PVA ran out again.