May 22, 2016


These are the figures for the "half" army of the Albionic Monarchy, whom will only be used as redcoats, and not as Böhnstadter redcoats. The cavalry is Baccus light dragoons, the infantry is H&R Prussian infantry, but seeing how detailed they are, they pass for British as well.
The idea is to swell up the ranks by using the Baccus Prussian foot in red, the guns and heavy horse, plus the three Highlander units, to create a complete army.

These units will play a prominent part in an 'Over the Hills' RPG campaign, in which the players are regimental commanders, so the facings of two of the three units match their owner's choice. Smaller battles will be conducted with Easy Tricorne, and larger ones with Maurice.

Here's a premade army composition for the latter:
NA Lethal Volleys (12) 12
NA Steady Lads (9) 21
4x ART (10) 31
6x RI Trained (36) 67
+upgrade 3 to Elite (9) 76
4x RC Trained (24) 100
+1 RI Trained when attacking
Army Morale 10

Actually, with cannons borrowed from another army (the French, Swedes or Austrians), the Brits would only need one unit of horse transferred from the Böhnstadter side to be quite autonomous in a Succession Wars campaign. There's also that little trouble that I bought the "SYW Prussian Artillery" pack fom Heroics and Ros, but there were no cannon in it. Perhaps if I could scratchbuild some guns, and use the crews for those...

I've talked a lot about the Heroics and Ros figures, still not sure if they work with the Baccus ones.

It took little time to complete the light dragoons, and I think their colors are a bit too dark, even with bold highlights. Two have white saddle cloth and turnbacks and one has green. I used the Kronoskaf page for reference. 

Right now I could play smaller encounters of the AWI, using my Easy Tricorne homebrew rules, as I have some militia, these guys, and some blue-coat Prussian infantry that could pass as Patriots from a distance, but it feels more appropriate that the Brits' tiral by fire would be the same as that of the Ottomans. I'm going to have some spare gaming time at the beginning of June, so everything is possible.