May 25, 2016

GB Plastic Stuff

Eight various Vikings and Saxons, plus nine generic shooty persons, all from Gripping Beast, and acquired quite some time ago. They were speed-painted, and I think the finish is too glossy again, but they fit in style with the other thirty or so GB guys already painted.

Some of these were assembled when I bought them (used from ebay), so the poses are not my responsibility. Pretty OK otherwise, and seeing how easy they are to paint, especially in small batches like this, looking back I don't really understand my aversion. These are also the last of the ebay lot to be completed. 

I've had a lot of spare bows from the Perry WoTR light cavalry set, and some arms fit the GB Dark Age Warriors bodies too well to miss the chance. The remaining arms wore chainmail sleeves, so I only used the hands. I glued the arrow bags on the backs and glued a piece of thread across the figures' chests.  They don't look very battle ready, but at least I have some shooty guys now with little fuss.

As I was very low on PVA and had no cement to even out the height between the cast plastic bases of the figures and the actual bases, I used sand mixed with brown acrylic paint, spackling it on the bases with a spoon and evening it out with an old brush. It worked well and saved me the extra step of painting the sanded bases. It also took much shorter to dry, after which I drybrushed it with the usual buff color and added some grass, usually to places where the mixture didn't stick properly to the plastic bottoms of the casts.