Feb 10, 2016

Purchase history, February

I just reviewed my Napoleonic collection and realized how huge it is: I have more than a hundred Russians stripped and assembled, fifty Prussian infantry and a hundred Highlanders, and then some French cavalry and commanders. As a bit of steering clear of tricorne hats was necessary to keep morale up, I started working on some figures right away. The completed ones will be published later this week, and I'm also working on an adaption of my 'Easy Tricorne' rules to the Napoleonic age.

As my funds are cut in February and I spent most of last year's reserves, I only bought one set of figures this month, Zvezda's SYW Prussian Hussars, to be used with my existing tricorne collection. (In fact the postman just left a notice without checking if anybody's home, well he can carry it back to the office and I can take it tomorrow.) 
I need to resupply some Vallejo paints, mainly primer. On structures and scratchbuilt stuff I use a simple white acrylic but the Vallejo primer is excellent for plastic figures, although very easy to run out of.

I also found a large plasticard sheet, probably a sign (it has two small holes on its corners) in its previous life. The bad news is it's been left out in the weather for quite some time and it cracked up, it's also very brittle, but I managed to salvage a huge part of it and I can probably use more yet. 

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