Feb 6, 2016

Another BIG figure showcase

As I'm officially out of humorous titles, I came up with the above. There are more than sixty figures completed recently, some started in the past year but finished only now. There is another contingent of 28 AWI Continental infantry on the painting table, and I've started working on some Napoleonics as well. 
This post features 
  • two Strelets cannon painted in Saxon colors
  • the last of the Zvezda infantry painted as Saxons, this time with light blue cuffs
  • twenty-five Accurate US Militia
  • seventeen Italeri AWI regular infantry
  • eight Italeri AWI British Light Dragoons.

I did not bother parading the entire Saxon army again: I have six cannon, three cavalry and five infantry units, with another two cavalry glued and based. The flag is torn instead of the usual neat one. 

This is my first experience with Accurate Figures, and I'm not sure if they or IMEX produced this set first. The detail is generally good, there was a metric ton of flash and the faces sort of lose detail when painted. Like every other figure in this post, these two 12-man units and their officer will fight in the Calvacasa Rebellion over the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog.

These Italeri figures are rather different than their usual bobblehead ones. They are quite large for their scale, which helps painting them. The set has only a few useful fighting poses - the least useful ones (the figure with one foot on the ground and the one raising his musket) can be intermixed with the rank and file, as I plan using them with the rest of the set, or they can make up an extra base or flank/light company to be added to a parent unit when necessary. The most static poses were used to create the 12-man unit on the left. Sadly there are three 4-man command groups (spontoon, standard, fife and drum), 12 figures out of 50, in the box. But they were cheap and have funny hats, that's all I need right now.

These horsemen are based on the 17th Light Dragoons, and they feature the standard Italeri way of sculpting with their big heads and rather tight uniforms. It's easy to see that almost every Italeri set uses the same dollies: one lot for infantry and another for cavalry, and then some playing with the equipment. They were painted up very fast as there is little variety in the color of their uniforms.


  1. Good thing you´re not out of inspiration for painting wonderful minis :D Excellent units - the green coated gentleman on pic #3 reminds me of Ben Franklin himself..! :) Cheers!

    1. Thank you. I don't think he'd have been in the first line, but there's some resemblance :)

  2. That's a lot of great progress there! Wonderful looking minis.

  3. Absolutely splendid, you've been busy.

  4. Nice collection of troops, Andras!